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Semi-Truck AccidentsThere are many types of commercial trucks on the road we see and take for granted every day. Commercial trucks are used for transporting or moving products for business or commercial purposes. Delivery trucks, tractor-trailers (also sometimes called semi trucks), and eighteen-wheelers are examples of commercial trucks.

The larger the truck, and the larger the load it is carrying, generally the more serious the injuries are in accidents involving trucks.  Despite an increase  in the number of registered large trucks on the road, improvements in safety regulations have helped decrease the number of fatal truck accidents. However, truck accidents involving property damage are steadily on the rise.

U.S. Truck Accident Statistics

Large Trucks on the Road
Fatal Truck Accidents
People in Truck Accidents
Truck Accidents Causing Property Damage Only

Source:  Ford Motor, Commercial Motor Vehicle Facts, April 2011

Your Loss Matters to Us

But our attorneys understand that statistics do not matter to the person who was paralyzed by a truck, or to the family who lost a loved one in a fatal accident.  We know that pursuing civil justice can help cover your medical expenses, and help you be better prepared for the future, but it can also be a way of helping families find closure.

We take cases involving a wide variety of commercial trucks and types of accidents, including:

  • Tractor-Trailer Trucks (Semi Trucks)
  • Delivery Trucks and Vans (UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, etc.)
  • Truck Underride
  • T-Bone Accidents
  • Jackknifed Trucks (Overturned trucks)
  • Fatal Truck Accidents
  • Drunk Truck Drivers; Drivers Under the Influence
  • Fatigued Truck Drivers
  • Distracted Truck Drivers (i.e., using a cell phone while driving);
  • Defective Trucks or Failure to Properly Maintain Truck; and
  • Truck accidents caused by excessive speed, reckless driving, or negligence.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer truck, 18-wheeler, or other type of commercial truck, either as a pedestrian, driver, or a property owner you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, or for the loss of a loved on killed in a fatal truck accident.  Our truck accident personal injury and wrongful death attorneys may be able to hold the trucking company, as well as the driver of the truck, or other third parties liable for medial expenses, lost income, as well as for damages.

For a free initial consultation, call our Boston area tractor-trailer truck accident lawyers to schedule a free no-obligation case review and consultation at (508) 588-0422 and you will have taken your first step towards getting fair compensation for your injuries or for the loss of a loved one. You can also click here to use our Free Case Evaluation Form.

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