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Senior Citizen DriversOn September 30, 2010, Massachusetts enacted a law requiring drivers aged 75 or older to personally visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles and undergo a vision test if they wish to renew their licenses. While an improvement over the previous situation, the law stops short of testing elderly drivers for driving skills or cognitive functioning, as is done in some other states.  In the year leading up to the law’s enactment, elderly drivers complained to their representatives about being treated as children, somewhat muting the bill’s impact.

While elderly drivers do have the benefit of years of experience, the fact remains that they also have slower reflexes than younger drivers—and are more likely to be taking multiple medications, harmless enough by themselves but potentially dangerous when taken in combination. In addition, an 80- or 90-year-old motorist often lacks the dexterity and cognitive ability to, say, talk on a cell phone while driving or figure out how to use a CD player, increasing his chances of being involved in an accident.

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If you are involved in a car accident caused by an elderly driver—whether as a fellow driver, a pedestrian or a property owner—you may be entitled to damages. The team at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan can investigate whether the driver was properly licensed, was taking potentially dangerous medications, or has issues with his vision or cognitive ability. If the elderly driver was inebriated, you may also be entitled to sue any bars or restaurants he visited before being involved in the accident.

For your free initial consultation, contact our law offices today.  You will be under no obligation and we do not charge a fee unless we recover for you.


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