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Car Accident Insurance Claim LawyersSide Impact Auto Accidents, or “T-bone Accidents,” occur when the passenger or driver’s side of an automobile is hit by another vehicle. These kinds of crashes are extremely dangerous because the force generated by the car crashing into the side is absorbed by the passenger’s body. That is because there isn’t a lot material separating the passenger from the impact. On the other hand, take head-on collisions where the force from the impact is first absorbed by the front-end, engine and dashboard before it reaches the passenger.

The Automotive industry has taken drastic steps over the last decade to improve side impact vehicle safety. Prior to this shift in side impact safety, the automotive industry was consumed with protecting passengers from rear and front end collisions. Over the last few years automobile manufactures have taken steps to reinforce the strength of doors and have implemented side curtain airbags. However, these side curtain airbags aren’t a standard feature on every car.

T-bone accidents claim the lives of over 9,000 Americans every year. These accidents are also responsible for 31% of all non-fatal accidents. Only head-on collisions claim more lives on an annual basis.

These types of accident are capable of producing serious injuries despite the latest developments in safety. Occupants may suffer herniated or bulging discs, brain injuries, scarring, back and neck pain, broken bones, spinal cord damage, closed head injuries and fatalities.

Experienced T-Bone Accident Claims Attorneys in Brockton

Insurance companies will try to devalue your claim; they may even outright deny you compensation you are entitled to receive.  Only an experienced accident attorney can assess your case and tell you its value and possible outcomes.

You may be entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering from the insurer or the person who caused your injuries (including the driver of the car you were a passenger in), if any of the following resulted from your injuries:

  • Your medical bills total more than $2,000; or
  • Fractured/broken bone (even tooth); or
  • Death; or
  • Serious and permanent disfigurement; or
  • Partial or total loss of eyesight or hearing; or
  • Loss of part of or all of a body member (i.e., limb amputation, or even the tip of a finger or toe.)

Contact our law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation.  You will be under no obligation, but you may learn that what the insurance company is telling you about your case is not entirely true.  We will not only tell you the truth about your claim, we will aggressively seek full compensation from insurance companies.  For your free consultation, call today.


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