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Bus AccidentsReligious groups, summer camps, schools and other organizations routinely use 15-passenger vans. Unfortunately, some of these practical vehicles can have design defects that make them more prone to roll-over accidents. The biggest danger occurs when a 15-passenger van is loaded to capacity or overstocked with cargo. When this is the case the vehicle’s center of gravity can be thrown easily from one side to another which makes the vehicle difficult to control and more prone to roll overs.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) estimates that 15-passenger vans rollover more than 50 percent time if they are involved in a single-vehicle crash, while other vehicles only rollover 33 percent of the time. Also, 81 percent of the fatalities involving 15-passenger vans are single-vehicle crash rollovers. There have been 400 fatalities involving single-vehicle, 15 passenger van rollovers since 1990.There are over 500,000 15-assenger vans on the road in the United States.

What can be done to prevent 15-passenger van accidents?

If you are driving a 15-passenger van that is not at full capacity then direct passengers to fill the seats near the rear and front axles.

  • Never, Never go over the 15 person limit.
  • Do not pack cargo on the roof of the van.

It is also important to remember that a 15-passenger van is longer than a car and as a result it:

  • Has a wider turn radius;
  • Is more reliant on rear and side view mirrors when changing lanes;
  • Needs more time to brake and come to a full stop; and
  • Does not respond as well to swerving or sharp turns.

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