Accidents In Intersections

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Accidents-In-IntersectionsRoughly one-third of all car accidents occur at intersections. One driving institution that monitors driving statistics accounts 40% of all traffic related fatalities to either running a red light/stop sign or failing to yield to the motorist with the right of way. As a result, intersections are considered to be more dangerous than most other areas of the road. The following conditions and factors make intersections inherently dangerous:

  • Motorists accelerating to make a light before it turns red or decelerating to stop in time;
  • Changing or crossing over lanes without signaling or turning abruptly without signaling;
  • Pedestrians on foot or bicycle crossing outside the designated cross-walk;
  • Poor or defective intersection designs;
  • Ongoing construction; and
  • Light changes at improper intervals.

These are just some of the many factors that make intersections dangerous. Couple these factors with the often-distracted driver on a cell phone or the driver that’s late for an appointment and in a rush and it’s no wonder intersections are inherently prone to accidents.

Each and every intersection accident only takes a few seconds to occur but the cause, as listed above, can be the result of a combination of factors. As a result, you will need an experienced Massachusetts car accident lawyer to go through the facts of the crash and determine who is responsible for your accident and why.

Liability for the accident on part of the other driver at fault must clearly be established before an insurance company will pay out a settlement. Our Brockton car crash attorneys know how to investigate vehicle accidents that occur at intersections and have been handling claims on behalf of clients injured in intersection accidents for over thirty years. We know the traffic laws that pertain to intersection accidents and we can make a clear-cut case as to why the other party is at-fault for the accident and your injuries.

Brockton Car Accident Attorneys – Free Consultation – Intersection Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Massachusetts intersection car accident and want an attorney with a track record of success then we can help.  If you were the victim of an intersection collision caused by another driver’s careless or negligent operation then you have the right to be compensated for your injuries.

To schedule a free consultation with The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan email or call our Brockton office today. Our Brockton intersection accident attorneys represent clients in Massachusetts, Taunton, Brockton, Bridgewater, Raynham, Middleborough, Lakeville, Norton, Easton, Boston, Weymouth, Quincy, Plymouth, Attleboro, Abington, Rockland, Stoughton, Canton, Sharon, Whitman, Randolph, and Somerset.


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