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Criminal Justice SystemMost individuals charged, and convicted, of rape are reasonably certain to have actually committed this crime because of the availability and accuracy of DNA testing. However, more often than you might expect, charges of rape are leveled against a completely innocent person who then has his reputation unfairly dragged through the mud only to be exonerated at a much later date (after the damage has already been done).

Aggravated rape is a crime separate from rape that includes all the elements of rape as well as certain aggravating elements. As a result, aggravated rape is proved by evidence of rape— sexual act (usually penetration of some sort) actually occurred with a victim that was forced into this act against her will, either through violence, threat of violence—in addition to one of three aggravating factors.

In order to pursue a charge of aggravated rape, the district attorney has to establish three things:

  • First, that a sexual act (usually penetration of some sort) actually occurred;
  • Second, that the victim was forced into this act against her will, either through violence, threat of violence (i.e., a weapon was used to intimidate an alleged victim) or what the law defines as “lack of capacity;”
  • Third, any one of following three aggravating factors occurred:

1) the victim suffered serious bodily injury,

2) the rape was committed by a joint venture, or

3) the rape was committed during any of the following offenses: assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed or unarmed robbery, kidnapping, armed or unarmed burglary, breaking and entering in the daytime or nighttime, or carrying a dangerous weapon

The factors that transform rape into aggravated rape deal with whether the victim sustained serious bodily injuries or was victim of other felonies during the commission of the rape.

Rape is an extremely serious crime. A conviction for aggravated rape can carry a life sentence. Rape charges also have a tendency to play with the emotions of a jury. Most juries want to believe a crying victim over defendant charged with rape. If you feel that you have been unfairly or vindictively accused of rape, the attorneys at The Noonan Defense Firm will do everything in their power to clear your reputation, including soliciting the testimony of witnesses, exploring evidence pertaining to the plaintiff, and, in the appropriate circumstances, obtaining DNA samples to help prove your innocence.

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