Hit-and-Run Accidents are not Hopeless Situations for a Skilled Attorney

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Car Accident LawyersIf you have suffered injuries in a hit and run accident you shouldn’t feel as though your chances of recovering compensation are hopeless. There are several options our law office will pursue in order to get you the money damages you deserve. In most cases we will work with your own insurance company to get them to pay for your medical expenses, long term rehabilitation services and lost wages.

Massachusetts law provides that it is crime when someone fails to stop and make known their name, address and registration after knowingly colliding with another vehicle or causing damage to property. Failure to stop after knowingly colliding with another vehicle and causing injury to another person will result in a more severe punishment than if just property damage results.

Massachusetts Law Requires Insurance Companies to Pay for Hit-and-Run Accidents When the Guilty Driver Cannot be Located

When a person flees from the scene of an accident without making known their identity, residence or registration it makes it more difficult to hold that person liable for any injuries resulting from the collision. As a result, it makes it more difficult for the victim of the accident to receive compensation for his or her injuries. Fortunately, all Massachusetts auto Policies make uninsured motorist insurance compulsory. This compulsory insurance requires insurance companies providing Massachusetts automobile policies to pay for hit-and-run accidents if the owner or operator causing the accident cannot be identified.

The uninsured insurance provision of your Massachusetts automobile policy (or a household member’s policy if you don’t happen to have automobile insurance) will also pay for hit-and-run accidents where the car responsible collides with you when you are a pedestrian or on a bicycle.

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