If you have been charged with a motor vehicle infraction and fail to show up to court on the designated day then the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. Failure to appear for a court date is a rather serious crime and if you are facing this charge you should consider contacting an attorney.  Even if you do show up, if you are convicted of a motor vehicle offense your driving privileges may be restricted or taken away from you.

The Consequences Of Motor Vehicle Violations

The legal consequences for convictions of motor vehicle violations can range from minor penalties and fines, but can also incur stiff penalties including jail time or loss of license.  Some moving vehicle violations can also cause your auto insurance rates to increase or can result in the cancellation of an insurance policy by your automobile insurance company.  And, there are serious consequences if you are found guilty at a hearing after being cited for a motor vehicle violation dealing with an accident.

Motor Vehicle Violations Defense LawyerLosing your license can have a serious impact on your life. Everyday we take for granted our ability to get in a car and drive wherever we want.  Almost everyone depends on their driver’s license whether it’s driving to the supermarket to grab some milk, dropping the children off at school, or commuting to work in the morning.

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