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Burglary and Home Invasion Charges

Theft Crimes Defense LawyersIn the state of Massachusetts, burglary is defined as entering any type of location (a home, an office building, or even a car) without permission and with the intent of committing a crime, usually stealing whatever is within.  A person does not have to physically break into a  house or building to be charged with a crime; even entering through a carelessly unlocked door is enough to subject someone to prosecution.  It is also not necessary to have actually stolen something — an unauthorized presence (especially at night) in a home or building is all the district attorney needs to press charges.

You may also be charged with burglary whether or not anyone was home while you were in the house.  However, if someone is home, you could be charged with the more serious crime of home invasion.

Armed Robbery Charges

Broadly speaking, in the state of Massachusetts, a person can be charged with armed robbery if he was armed with a dangerous weapon while assaulting and robbing another person (on the street, in a store, at home, etc.)   Whether or not you actually used, or even displayed the weapon in question, you can be charged with a crime, however, there does have to be an implicit threat of force. Note, too, that the definition of “dangerous weapon”  can be very liberal: this doesn’t necessarily apply only to knives and guns, but to any instrument or object that was in your possession and could have been used, or was used, to harm or threaten another person, such as a baseball bat, tire iron, or brass knuckles.

Auto Theft Charges

If you have been accused of knowingly receiving, buying or holding a stolen vehicle, our lawyers know that to get a conviction, the prosecutor must prove you had knowledge that the vehicle was stolen.   The expert vehicle theft attorneys at our law firm may be able to demonstrate that you were ignorant of the car’s provenance, and assert that you should not be prosecuted for larceny, although you may still be subject to a fine.

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If you have been charged with any type of theft, robbery, or burglary related crime, the criminal defense lawyers of The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan may be able to plead down your case with the district attorney, or have the charges dismissed pending a period of probation. Restitution of the value of any stolen or damaged property will also go a long way toward having a conviction erased from your record, or not entered there in the first place.

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