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Child With Burn InjuryAnyone who has accidentally brushed up against a hot stove or iron knows that getting burnt is one on the most painful experiences anyone can endure. When most people think of organs, the heart or lungs come to mind. Most people don’t realize that our skin is an organ and that it is the body’s largest covering almost twenty square feet. Our skin is like a form of armor protecting us from dangerous pathogens, bacteria, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Our skin also allows us to communicate with the outside world because the skin has millions of receptors that sense cold, heat, texture and pain. These sensory receptors send signals to our brain which lets our bodies know that something is cold or hot. Because burns create serious damage they generate some of the strongest pain signals.

Hundreds people die every year from complications due to burns and even more experience non-fatal burn injuries and permanent scarring. Burn accidents can happen anywhere: at work, home or in a restaurant. Defective equipment, negligence and the carelessness of others are usually to blame.

Burn victims almost always have the right get compensated for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and scarring injuries.

Types of Burn Injuries

First-degree Burns: These burns affect the outer layer of skin. They usually cause skin irritation, discoloration and swelling. It usually takes a week for these burns to heal. These burns sometime cause the skin to peel. The most common cause of first-degree burns are UV rays emitted from the sun. These UV rays result in a countless number of sunburns every year.

Second-degree Burns: These burns reach deeper into the skin. These burns are usually more painful than third-degree burns. Blisters usually appear causing fluids and water to escape through the damaged skin. Second degree burns can easily get infected and oftentimes doctors need to treat these injuries with antibacterial ointments. Because the skin breaks down it can no longer act as a protective barrier. This leaves our bodies vulnerable to bacteria. Sometimes doctors will prescribe antibiotics to compensate for the skin loss.  These burns take 2 to 6 weeks to heal. Scarring usually results.

Third-degree Burns: These burns go completely through the skin burring nerves, fat, muscle, ligaments and bone that lie beneath. Damage to the nerve endings prevents pain signals from reaching the brain. That is why these burns aren’t as painful as second-degree burns. The healing process takes a long time with this type of burn because of the extensive tissue damage that results. Extensive scarring usually results.

Causes of Burns

Scald Burns:  Scald burns are the leading cause of burns to children and the elderly. Scald burns are caused by hot liquids or steam. Boiling hot water, bathtub water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, motor oil, cooking oil, tar, and steam from car radiators are some of the many sources of scald burn injuries. The majority of scald burns happen in the kitchen when boiling pots on the stove get knocked over or pulled off the stove by young children. If home water heaters aren’t set to the right temperature anyone taking a shower could experience a scald burn.

Burns Caused by Radiation:  Radiation is a major caused of burns. These burns are caused by the sun, tanning beds/booths, X-ray devices, and lasers used for laser hair removal.

Electrical Burns:  Electrical burns occur when the body comes in contact with some source of electricity. Some common sources of electricity that produce these injuries come from defective extension cords or cords connected to appliances, electrical outlets that are overloaded, power lines or electrical security fences. Electrical burns can damage the skin. However, because electricity is easily channeled through the body electrical burns can cause serious internal injuries to vital

Chemical Burns:  The sources of chemical burns are all around us. Cleaning products that are found under every bathroom and kitchen sink contain potent chemicals that can irritate the skin and burn the stomach lining or esophagus if accidentally swallowed. Chlorine found in pool chemicals, propane tanks, battery fluid leaking from your standard AA battery and lawn care products are some sources of chemical burns. Breathing in hot gases and smoke can also damage the lungs and upper airways and have a serious effect on the respiratory system.

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