15-Passenger Van / Bus Accidents

Religious groups, summer camps, schools and other organizations routinely use 15-passenger vans. Unfortunately, some of these practical vehicles can have design defects that make them more prone to roll-over accidents. The biggest danger occurs when a 15-passenger van is loaded to capacity or overstocked with cargo. When this is the case the vehicle’s center of gravity can be thrown easily from one side to another which makes the vehicle difficult to control and more prone to roll overs.

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

There are several causes of tractor-trailer accidents. Truck drivers are expected to work long hours. Often times truck drivers are pushing to meet delivery deadlines and as a result become fatigued or are forced to drive on little sleep. Driving under these conditions is inherently dangerous. 18-wheelers also have more blind spots than the average motor vehicle. Frequently truck drivers will proceed to change lanes or make turns without realizing an automobile is in their blind spot. This can result in the semi side swiping the automobile. However, all passenger vehicles have a duty to accommodate an 18-wheeler’s blind spot. Mechanical failure, drug and alcohol use are some of the other causes of accidents.

Greyhound Bus Accidents

Greyhound and other commercial bus crash accidents occur for many reasons. Mechanical problems, driver error or fatigue, dangerous roadway conditions and other motor vehicles are only a few causes. Surprisingly, passenger assault on the bus driver and passenger interference with the bus drivers operation accounts for a good deal of all commercial busing accidents. Commercial busing companies aren’t usually liable for the actions of passengers that lead to accidents. Bus companies may be liable if knew or should have known a particular passenger posed a threat and despite this threat allowed the passenger to board the bus…