Police Taser Stun Gun Injuries

In the past ten years, hundreds of people have died after being hit by tasers, and hundreds more have been severely injured. Tasers work by delivering thousands of volts to the victim, usually via two dart-like electrodes that can be fired by police officers from a range of up to 15 feet. The immediate effect of this five-second-long electric shock is to disrupt the victim’s voluntary muscle control and set off a series of involuntary muscle contractions, which usually bring the suspect immediately to his or her knees.

Police Taser Abuse

Despite the pain and potential injury they inflict on victims, tasers are often overused by the police in situations where extreme force is not warranted. Departmental regulations vary from place to place, but in general, police are only supposed to use tasers (and other potentially dangerous weapons, like batons or pepper spray) when a suspect poses an immediate threat to himself, to another person, or to the police officer. Tasers should not be used repeatedly (except if the suspect continues to resist), and they should certainly not be used on a person who is already cooperating with the police.

Violent Crime Victim Resulting from Negligent Security

Brockton Premises Liability And Owner Negligence Attorneys Store patrons, students living in dormitories, users of public-transit systems and residents of apartment buildings are all entitled to a presumption of safety. This doesn’t mean that they should pay absolutely no attention to their surroundings (say, by walking carelessly down a deserted
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