Domestic Assault and Battery

You Don’t Have to Face the Serious Charges of Assault and Battery Alone

A&B Charges Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you have been arrested and charged with a domestic assault and battery you could be facing stiff penalties and will need an experienced attorney to build an aggressive defense.  Attorney Gerald J. Noonan has represented hundreds of clients over his career many of which had domestic assault and battery charges filed against them.

Often times these charges are filed by a jilted lover or a spouse that is trying to get the upper hand during a divorce in order to strengthen their hand for an upcoming child custody battle. Anyone found  guilty of domestic assault and battery faces jail, court ordered separation from children or an anger management/ or certified batter’s educational program.

Our attorneys at the will aggressively defend the charges brought against you and will press hard to get your charges dropped. There are several ways we can defend a domestic assault charge in the event that a case goes to trial. For example, one possible defense is self-defense.

The Defense of Self-Defense in Domestic A&B Cases

If your assault and battery was committed in the interest of self-defense then our attorneys will be entitled to admit into evidence any violent acts your spouse has committed in the past. We are allowed to admit this type of evidence in a self-defense trial to show that the alleged victim had a violent past and it was likely that he or she was the first aggressor or that because of his or her violent past you were in fear for your own safety and as a result had to defend yourself with physical force.

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Domestic assault and battery charges are aggressively pursued by the district attorney’s office. If you are facing domestic assault charges you will need an attorney with local legal experience. Attorney Noonan is a former assistant district attorney with over 30 years of trial experience and he knows how the prosecutors office works and how to work best on your behalf.

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Our attorneys offer expert legal representation against charges involving domestic concerns.  If you are facing any of the following charges, contact our criminal defense law offices in Brockton, MA for a free initial consultation:

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