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We care about your future as much as you do.

Our lawyers help clients from every walk of life.We understand that when you are facing any type of criminal charge or action it can be a frightening time for you and your loved ones.  Good lawyers expect to help clients navigate their legal maze and guide them through their situation one step at a time and we stand by you every step of the way.  But our lawyers think beyond the moment and take the time to listen to your story, evaluate and properly build your case because we understand that after today lies your future and that future may be affected by the outcome of your case.

A criminal record can have a lasting impact on your life and can follow you like a bad shadow.  Whether you are convicted on one charge or another may make the difference between a prison sentence and probation — and the lawyer you hire may be the difference between one that can effectively argue your case and another who cannot.

We can help.

Our clients come from all backgrounds and demographics and need a criminal defense attorney for various reasons.  We have helped fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands and minor children.

We have helped professionals whose jobs were at stake and high school students who were trying to get into college.

Our clients and their reasons for hiring us are all unique, but they do have one thing common — all our clients matter to us and so do their futures.

Our law firm represents and defends individuals arrested and charged with felonies and misdemeanors, federal crimes, juvenile crimes, and can assist with expungement of criminal records (record sealing), as well as with criminal appeals and other post conviction services.) To learn more about how we have helped others, we invite you to browse or case results below, and read our CLIENT REVIEWS.

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About Gerald Noonan

Attorney Gerald J. Noonan founded The Noonan Defense Firm after serving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for many years as an Assistant District Attorney. Throughout his prosecutorial career, Attorney Noonan argued and tried hundreds of criminal cases including homicide, attempted murder, arson, rape, armed robbery, drug crimes, driving under the influence and cases involving many other serious criminal offenses.

As a criminal defense attorney, Gerald J. Noonan has over 340 successful criminal trials. Attorney Noonan knows the legal strategies and tactics both law enforcement and district attorneys use when trying to get criminal convictions. He has criminal trial experience on both sides of a criminal case, which is invaluable when you are looking for an attorney to represent you.

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About Patrick Noonan

Upon graduating and passing the Massachusetts Bar Exam, Patrick Noonan dove right into practice and within his first week as a newly licensed attorney Patrick won a dismissal in an OUI-Liquor case in which his client flipped his vehicle on the highway, rolled over several times, and crashed into construction equipment.

Since then, Attorney Patrick J. Noonan has been fighting zealously for his clients. He’s represented clients on a wide variety of cases, such as violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, firearms crimes, theft crimes, property crimes, appeals, and operating under the influence. Patrick has earned hundreds of dismissals, negotiated favorable plea agreements, won cases on legal arguments, suppressed incriminating evidence, permanently sealed criminal records, saved his clients from serious jail time, and he’s tried and won Not Guilty verdicts on cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies.

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From left, defense attorney Patrick J. Noonan, shows East Bridgewater police officer Peter Belmore, a photograph.
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Brendan & Gerald are heroes!

Attorney Gerald Noonan and associates saved my future from certain misery! Combined with Brendan Noonan’s tireless searching for previous obscure law decisions that were pertinent to my case, Gerald’s persuasive arguments and knowledge of law were very impressive!

I hope I never have to go through anything like this ever again, but if I do, you can be sure that they will be my lawyers! — “Bill”

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The Noonan Defense Firm rigorously defends clients charged with any criminal charge. Attorney Noonan is a former Assistant District Attorney with experience and in-depth knowledge of how to persuasively prepare and argue your defense to a jury. Attorney Noonan has successfully defended individuals charged with offenses ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their case is handled by an experienced legal staff and that their case is efficiently and competently managed by a criminal defense attorney with years of experience as a former prosecutor.

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Case Results

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In February 1986 following a three-day jury trial, Attorney Noonan successfully obtained two convictions for violation of civil rights with bodily harm pursuant to M.G.L. 265 § 37. (Commonwealth v. Daniel McManus.) The decision marked the first case in Massachusetts’s history where a defendant was found guilty of violating the civil right of another resulting in bodily harm, establishing important precedent in the fields of civil rights, constitutional law, and criminal law.

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The Noonan Defense Firm has been representing defendants against criminal charges throughout southeastern Massachusetts for more than three decades.