Falls on Construction Sites

Massachusetts Injuries from Falls on Construction Site Lawyers

Falls on Construction Sites

Statistics compiled by the Occupational Health Safety Administration reveal that falls are the most common cause of injuries on construction sites. While falls might not sound serious, these accidents can result in life-changing injuries and sometimes even fatalities. These accidents can occur in a moment and can leave workers facing injuries and other complications that last the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one was injured in slip and fall while on the job, it is often critical to obtain the assistance of a skilled accident attorney who will remain committed to fighting for the results that you deserve.

Common Causes of Construction Site Falls

Falls on construction sites frequently occur because employers or supervisors fail to make sure that the grounds are adequately maintained and free from hazardous tripping and slipping conditions. While there are many causes of construction site falls, some of the most common causes include the following:

  • Exposed electrical cables of wiring at construction sites
  • Improperly maintained worksites that are littered with tools and construction materials
  • Missing or defective  guardrails
  • Failing to provide warning signs that pout workers on notice of dangerous conditions
  • Defective or poorly constructed scaffolding
  • Failing to properly train workers on appropriate safety measures
  • Failing to provide workers with adequate protective gear

Typical Injuries Caused by Construction Site Falls

While construction site falls can sometimes lead to minor injuries, these accidents can also result in serious injuries that can make it difficult to return to work. This injuries can also result in hefty medical bills. Many workers quickly discover that these bills are difficult to pay off, which is why it is often critical to hold the responsible party accountable. Many falls also result in workers facing severe pain that lasts the rest of their lives. Some of the most common injuries that are caused by falls at work sites include:

In addition to these various injuries, some workers are also killed as the result of falls. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a fall that occurred at a construction site, no matter the injury, an attorney can help to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Contact an Experienced Work Accident Attorney

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