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About Front-End Collisions

Front end car accident lawyerFront-end collision car accidents are regarded as the most dangerous type of accident. A front-end collision results when the front end of two cars, approaching each other, collide with each other. Although head-on collisions don’t account for many of the car accidents that occur on our roadways (2 percent of all accidents are head-on crashes) a great deal of these crashes do account for a large number of motor vehicle related fatalities (head-on car collisions account for ten percent of all roadway fatalities).

75 percent of all head-on collisions occur on rural/back roads. Statistics indicate that most front-end collisions are caused by alcohol/drugs, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, or distracted divers. In response to these causes both federal and state officials have implemented several strategies to get the attention of the distracted operator or awaken the dozing driver. Rumble strips are often installed across the centerlines of rural back roads, as are those thermoplastic reflection strips.

Because of the amount of momentum two vehicles crashing headfirst into each other generates, traumatic injuries and death is an all too common outcome. The head-on collision attorneys at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan have extensive experience in dealing with this unique type of car accident. Our firm has represented clients who have suffered traumatic injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries as a result of an auto accident.

About Car Accident Insurance Claims In Massachusetts

The physical and emotional trauma that results from a car accident can be devastating. This stressful situation is often exacerbated by the confusion and aggravation that comes when dealing with the insurance companies after the accident. You may begin to question whether or not you will ever receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. You likely have many questions, some being:

These are all real questions and concerns. However, auto and medical insurance policies often complicate matters. That is why it is important to contact an experienced Whitman car accident lawyer. We will deal with all the insurance providers and medical providers to make sure all your medical bills get paid. We will also work to build a case against the responsible driver’s and his or her insurance company to insure that you are compensated for your pain and suffering. Our Brockton office is conveniently located right off of Route 18.

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If you or your wife, husband, mother, father or child has been the victim of head-on traffic accident then call or email our team of dedicated car accident and personal injury trial lawyers today and ensure that your rights and interests are being represented.

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