About Hip Fractures (Broken Hip) Caused by Accidents

Medical illustration of a hip fracture caused by an accident.What Is A Hip Fracture?

A hip fracture is a break in one of the bones in the hip. The hip is a joint with a ball and socket bone and there are two of them, one for each leg. Particularly as people age, they are at risk of a hip fracture from falls because of weak bones or osteoporosis. Often times surgical repair followed by physical therapy is often the only course of available treatment.

What Causes A Hip Fracture?

The two main causes of hip fractures are falls and severe boating, automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. Falls are a major cause of hip fractures in older people because they have weaker bones. Car crashes affect people of all ages and can even include pedestrians or bicyclists.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Hip Fracture?

Symptoms of a hip fracture include:

(1) the inability to move immediately after a fall or blunt trauma or force to the pelvic region;

(2) severe pain in the hip or groin;

(3) inability to put weight on the leg on the side of the injured hip;

(4) stiffness, bruising and swelling around the hip area;

(5) shorter leg on the side of the injured hip; and

(6) turning outward of the leg on the side of the injured hip. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

How Is A Hip Fracture Diagnosed?

An x-ray may be used to confirm there is a fracture and show the location of the fracture after a medical doctor reviews the victim’s symptoms and examines the abnormal position of the hip and leg. An MRI or bone scan might be conducted to determine the cause of the hip pain if a fracture is not visible in the initial x-ray.

How Is A Hip Fracture Treated?

Surgery, rehabilitation and medication form the treatment protocol for hip fractures. Surgical solutions include:

(1) internal repair using screws: metal screws are inserted to hold the bones together while the fracture heals;

(2) partial hip replacement: a metal prosthesis or replacement is installed if the head and neck of the femur bones if the ends are broken, displaced or damaged; or

(3) total hip replacement: upper femur and the socket in the pelvic bone are replaced with a prostheses.

Compensation For A Hip Fracture

If you have experienced a pelvic fracture after a traumatic incident or a car crash, you may have injured your hip. Make sure you are examined and diagnosed by a medical doctor immediately. You may be able to pursue compensation for damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injury or disability, costs of physical therapy and rehabilitation, lost wages from missed work, diminished earning capacity, mental anguish and emotional distress, punitive damages, and/or property damage or loss.

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