Hot Water Heater Explosion Accident and Fire

Hot Water Heaters can explode and cause serious burn and other injuries.Hot water heaters heat water contained in tanks so that when you turn on the kitchen or bath tap inside the home, hot water comes out of the faucet. The hot water heater is responsible for heating household water, whether in a house or apartment building, to a safe level. During the heating process, excess pressure is created that is then released automatically through a safety valve on the hot water tank. Sometimes the hot water heater can produce pressure levels that are dangerously high causing the entire hot water heating system to fail. This failure produces a hot water heater explosion of scalding water and metal that causes significant injury to people and property.

Improper Manufacture, Installation, and Maintenance of Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heater explosions are caused by improper manufacture, installation, and maintenance of the hot water heaters. To work, hot water heaters are powered by electricity (220 volts) or a steady flow of natural or propane gas. On the propane gas heaters, the ignition switch is a pilot light. A malfunction in the system can cause severe flooding, an explosion, or fire. A plumber is able to inspect your hot water heater and provide necessary maintenance to avoid any explosions. Pay attention to warranties, especially in new homes or units, to make sure you are protected.

Legal Remedies Available to the Injured

People injured during a hot water heater explosion suffer severe injuries or may die from the explosion or fire. Especially if the power source is natural gas, an explosion and fire will cause significant damage to your home and surrounding homes until the gas can be turned off by the gas company. Survivors can sue under the theory of wrongful death and receive financial compensation for the death of the fallen family member.

Prevention Tips to Protect Against a Hot Water Explosion

It is the responsibility of the homeowner or commercial property owner to keep proper maintenance of the hot water heater tank. At minimum, an annual inspection must take place by a licensed professional plumber who can ensure the hot water tank is functioning properly and the temperature and pressure valve are working correctly. If any issues are discovered, they should be addressed immediately. Particularly, as the hot water tank ages, it is subject to corrosion, leaks, and further damage. Keeping the hot water tank temperature at 125 degrees Fahrenheit minimizes burns inside the home and has been found to prolong the life of the hot water tank.

Injured in a Hot Water Heater Explosion in Massachusetts?

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