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shoplifting crimes defense lawyersIn a certain sense, the crime of  “larceny by stealing from a person” exists in part to give defendants something to plead down to when they’ve been accused of robbery or armed robbery. Robbery and armed robbery are crimes punishable by extremely severe penalties (up to, and including life in prison), whereas, larceny by stealing from a person carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

If you are convicted of larceny by stealing from a person, and your victim was over the age of 65 and you have a previous conviction on your record, you can expect a mandatory one-year prison term.

In order to be charged with larceny by stealing from a person, you don’t necessarily have to snatch a wallet directly out of a person’s pocket or an iPod from around his neck. This charge can also be leveled if you steal property or money that is not directly on the victim’s body, but is within his presence or control.  For example, if you steal a laptop computer that someone has left on a cafeteria table while he goes to refill his tray, you may find yourself charged with this kind of larceny.

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As is the case with other larceny charges, larceny by stealing from a person is rarely the subject of extended courtroom trials. If you have been charged with this crime, the criminal defense lawyers of The Noonan Defense Firm may be able to plead down your case with the district attorney, or have the charges dismissed pending a period of probation. Restitution of the value of the property will also go a long way toward having a larceny conviction erased from your record, or not entered there in the first place.

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