Accidents Involving Inflatable Slides, Castles, Bouncy Houses, Obstacle Courses, and Moonwalks

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Bounce Houses and Castles, Moonwalks and Inflatable Slides and Obstacle Courses are found in traveling carnivals/fairs, and backyard birthday parties and barbecues all across America. These giant, cushy pillows are very inviting and are rarely seen as dangerous. However, their appeal often masks the dangers that are inherit to this playtime favorites of almost every child.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission documented 18,000 injuries in 2012 as a result of inflatable moon bounces and houses. In 2012 The Center for Injury Research and Policy published a study in the journal Pediatrics finding that “31 children per day on average were seen in emergency departments for an inflatable bouncer-related accident.” The study went on to say that the average patient was 7 years old and that the most common injury was a leg or arm fracture or sprain while 20 percent of all visits to the emergency room involved head or neck injuries. These injuries have only been on the rise of late.

The reason for the increase in bouncer-related injuries has something to do with the increase in their  popularity over the years. However, one of the main reasons for the up-tick in injuries has to deal with the rapid increase of their non-commercial use. These bouncers have gotten extremely cheap to buy and most of the time it makes more sense for a parent to buy an inflatable rather than rent one from a company. The problem with these do-it-yourself bounce castles is that they do not come with a professional installation/setup.

A lot of the most serious injuries have to do with product malfunction or improper setup/assembly. If the bounce house is not properly anchored the wind can catch, pick-up and carry it upwards of 200 feet even with people inside it. A malfunction to the generator that pumpers air into the inflatable can lead to rapid deflation trapping and entangling young children under heavy rubber. However, most injuries occur during use of the inflatable. Most injuries occur when children fall inside the inflatable bouncy house/castle/moon bounce and or collide with another child.

If you or your child has been injured in inflatable bounce house, bouncy castle, moon walk, inflatable slide or inflatable obstacle course we can help. It doesn’t matter if the injury occurred in someone’s backyard, or at a business or a carnival, fair, water park or amusement park. Depending on the facts of the accident we can bring a product liability claim, premises liability claim or a homeowners insurance claim.

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