Massachusetts Route 123 Highway Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims for Fatal Car Accidents

Rear End Car AccidentCar, truck, SUV, and van accidents can occur on any road or highway.  In Brockton, Abington, and Eaton, MA there are particularly dangerous intersections where the likelihood of being involved in a serious accident is statistically higher than in other places (see more information, below.)

But statistics do not matter if you have been injured, or a loved one was killed in a car or other vehicle accident.  What matters most is holding those responsible accountable so that you can have closure and the necessary financial resources to begin rebuilding your life.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always honor their promises and can be reluctant to pay on claims — denying, delaying, or underpaying on benefits.  Our attorneys know how to deal with unfair and difficult insurance companies.  We know how to fight back when they want to undervalue your claim.

We offer a free initial consultation — there is no obligation and no fee.  We take accident cases on a contingency basis.  That means you pay us nothing unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

About Route 123

Massachusetts Route 123 Highway runs through the following cities and towns (from west to east)

  • Attleboro
  • Norton
  • Easton
  • Brockton
  • Abington
  • Rockland
  • Norwell

The Massachusetts Highway Department rates the following intersections on Route 123 to be among the most dangerous in the state:


  • Intersection of Belmont Street (Route123) and Manley Street
  • Intersection of Belmont Street (Route123) and Lindwood Street
  • Intersection of Main Street and Legion Parkway (Route 123)
  • Intersection of Centre Street (Route123) and Lyman Street
  • Intersection of Warren Ave and Legion Parkway (Route123)
  • Intersection of  Centre Street (Route 123) and Plymouth Street


  • Intersection of Centre Avenue (Route 123) and Plymouth Street (Route 58)
  • Intersection of Brockton Avenue (Route 123) and Bedford Street (Route 18)


  • 143rd Depot Street (Route 123) and Foundry Street (Route 106)


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