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Truck Accidents LawyerHighway accidents typically tend to cause more severe injuries to passengers and drivers than accidents on roadways with lower speed limits and less traffic.  Highways are also where the highest number of severe, multiple vehicle pile-up accidents occur.

In Massachusetts, highway speed limits are between 55 and 65 mph.  Multiple studies have shown that the higher the speed limit, the greater the injuries sustained in accidents are, and increases the likelihood of drivers and passengers being involved in a fatal accident.  Road rage, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, exhausted truck drivers, even the time of day and weather conditions, can all amplify the dangers of traveling at a high rate of speed.

Let Our Accident Lawyers Take On The Insurance Company For You

Our attorneys know how to take on reluctant insurance companies that may try to place blame on the wrong driver, deny or underpaying on accident claims.  In order to make a profit, insurance companies must pay out as little as possible and use a variety of tactics to do just that.

With more than thirty years’ experience helping accident victims, we understand the laws, can read an insurance policy, and will aggressively seek to hold all parties responsible for your accident accountable.

Financial compensation for a serious injury or even the unfortunate loss of a loved is not intended to place a dollar value on human life.  Compensation in insurance settlements and personal injury civil claims does help you find closure, and get compensation to help you to begin rebuilding your life.  If you were injured in a highway accident, or someone you love was in a fatal crash, we can help.

Contact our experienced trial lawyers for a free initial consultation.  We take accident cases on a contingency basis, that means you do not pay us anything unless we recover for you in a settlement or by a verdict.

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About Route 24

oute 24 is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the state of Massachusetts. In a twelve month period (July 2011- July 2012) 11 people died in vehicle crashes on Route 24. In that same twelve month period, the 25- mile stretch of Route 24 from Berkley to Randolph average two crashes a day. In 2009, Route 24 had 629 accidents in which 221 people were injured.

Route 24 is a Highway in Southeastern Massachusetts. The route is 40.9 miles long and has a speed limit of 55 mph from the Rhode Island border to Interstate 195 exit and 65 mph north of Interstate 195.  Route 24 passes through the following counties, town, cities and locations  (from south to north):

Bristol County

Fall River

  • Exit 1: Route 81 – Fall River, Adamsville, RI
  • Exit 2: Brayton Avenue / Eastern Avenue
  • Exit 3: I-195 west – Providence, RI   Northbound
  • Exit 4: I-195 east – New Bedford
  • Exit 5: US 6 (President Avenue, Eastern Avenue)
  • Exit 6: Highland Avenue        Southbound exit/northbound entrance only
  • Exit 7: Route 79 south – North Fall River, Somerset
  • Exit 8A: North Main Street


  • Exit 8B: Innovation Way (formerly Executive Park Drive)
  • Exit 9: Route 79 north – Freetown, Middleborough
  • Exit 10   North Main Street – Assonet, Dighton, Berkley
  • Exit 11: Padelford Street – Berkley, Dighton, Taunton
  • Exit 12: Route 140 – Lakeville, Taunton, Raynham
  • Exit 13: US 44 – Middleborough, Taunton, Bridgewater

Plymouth County

  • Exit 14: I-495 – Cape Cod, Worcester
  • Exit 15: Route 104 – Bridgewater, Raynham, West Bridgewater
  • Exit 16: Route 106 – West Bridgewater, Mansfield, Brockton
  • Exit 17: Route 123 – Brockton, Easton
  • Exit 18: Route 27 – Brockton, Stoughton, Avon

Norfolk County

  • Exit 19: Harrison Boulevard – Avon / Central Street – Stoughton
  • Exit 20: Route 139 – Randolph, Stoughton, Randolph
  • Exit 21: I-93 / US 1 to I-95 – Boston


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