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drunk driver chargesMassachusetts General Laws Chapter 138 section 34c makes it a crime for anyone under the age of 21 that is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to knowingly possess, transport or carry alcohol.   Although this charge may not appear to be a serious crime there are several non-criminal consequences that accompany a conviction. In addition to the criminal penalty of a $50 fine for a first conviction the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) will step in and suspend a minor’s driver license for 90 days following a conviction. Having your driver’s license suspended will also result in higher car insurance premiums.  Convictions can also appear on your criminal record. If your conviction is not sealed then college admissions counselors and employers will be able to see this criminal charge when they perform a CORI criminal background check.

If you were arrested with a group of other minors at a drinking party then we may be able to beat the charges. It isn’t enough for the prosecution to say that you were at a party where alcohol was present. Instead they will have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you were in possession of, carrying, or transporting the alcohol. Often times police will simply charge all the minors present at a party with possession figuring they will let the court sort everything out.

How We Can Help You

The criminal defense lawyers of The Noonan Defense Firm take our clients’ criminal charges very seriously. Attorney Noonan was an Assistant District Attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for many years. He has criminal trial experience on both sides of a criminal case, which is invaluable when you are looking for an attorney to represent you.

As your defense attorney there are several things attorney Gerald Noonan can do for a minor charged with possession of alcohol. If this is a first offense he may be able to have you placed in a diversion program where the charges will be dropped upon the completion of so many hours of community service. Getting the case out of the criminal system will prevent this charge from appearing on your criminal record altogether.

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