Operating Under the Influence – Second Offense OUI

Failed Breath Test lawyerA second time offender is anyone that has already been convicted of operating under the influence in Massachusetts or any other state.

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Massachusetts has some of the toughest penalties when it comes to drunk driving — and if you are facing charges of operating under the influence, you should have an even tougher lawyer. The most important decision you can make following an arrest for operating under the influence (OUI) is hiring an experienced lawyer.   Our results for our clients speak for themselves, and we encourage you to review some of our drunk driving case results.

What Are The Penalties for A Second OUI Offense?

Anyone convicted of a second-time OUI offense faces the following penalties, fines, and suspensions.

  • A minimum mandatory jail sentence of 30 days but not more than 2.5 years.
  • A fine of at least $600 but not more than $10,000; or
  • A loss of drivers license for 2 years. This is in addition to any suspension that resulted from failing or refusing breath test. Hardship license is available after 1 year.

Mandatory Ignition Interlock and Other Restrictions for Hardship Licenses

Second-time OUI offenders that are allowed a hardship license must install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. They are not allowed to operate any vehicle that does not have an ignition interlock device. You will also need to adhere to additional requirements for using an ignition interlock device and a failure to do may result in violations that carry severe penalties.

An ignition interlock device is defined as “An alcohol sensing instrument mounted in an automobile and connected to the ignition system to prevent the vehicle from starting unless the driver first provides a satisfactory deep lung air sample. The device analyzes the deep lung air sample to determine the BAC of the operator. If the measured BAC is above .02, the device prevents the vehicle from starting.”

A competent attorney can save their client from the 30-day mandatory jail sentence by getting them placed on probation for two years and entered into a 14 day residential alcohol treatment program. Also, if the prior OUI conviction occurred more than ten years ago, your attorney can argue that you be sentence under section 24D which carries less severe penalties including immediate qualification of a hardship license.

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