Snow Plow Accidents

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Accidents involving private and municipal snowplows and salt and sanding trucks occur throughout Massachusetts every winter. Massachusetts is known for its winters and the snowfall that blankets the region’s highways and streets. Snow plow operators are under a great deal of pressure to plow as many streets, driveways and parking lots as they can in a shift. Driveways, highways, streets and parking lots need to be plowed, salted and sanded by the time customers wake-up for work and business open their doors to the public. It’s not uncommon for a snow plow driver to work a 24 hour shift when a Nor’easter pounds the area over the course of two days.

Accidents involving snow plows are common given the extreme weather and road conditions, the fatigue and lack of sleep from plowing early into the morning and the pressures to plow as many roads or driveways in a shift as possible. Driver fatigue and carelessness, dangerous road conditions and snow plow equipment failure are some of the causes of snow plow removal accidents.

Snow plow and sanding truck accidents are often serious given the sheer size of most snow removal vehicles. Catastrophic injuries resulting in death, paralysis and permanent impairment frequently result when a sedan or passenger car is involved in a crash with a snow plow. In cases involving snow plow operator carelessness or snow plow equipment failure you are entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you were injured in a snow plow accident your Massachusetts snow plow accident attorney may bring a personal injury claim against either:

  • The city or town that employed the operator and provided the snow removal vehicle.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Transportation responsible for plowing state and interstate roads and highways.
  • The Private snowplow company that employed the operator and provided the snow removal vehicle. (These are usually landscaping companies that provide snow removal services in the winter)

Notice requirements for Accidents involving Municipal Workers

For accidents involving municipal government workers a notice must be filed with the Municipality that the government employee worked for. These notices must be filed anywhere from 30 days to 180 days after an accident involving a government employee.

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