For the last Thirty years, the criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan have been offering clients in Taunton and the surrounding communities outstanding, hands-on criminal defense legal services. Our experienced defense trial lawyers have a proven track record of successfully handling all criminal charges ranging from complex felonies to simple misdemeanors including the following:

  • Theft Crimes: Larceny by Check; Grand Larceny; Petty Larceny; Burglary; Armed Robbery, Burglary, Shoplifting, Receiving/Purchasing Stolen Goods
  • Assault and Battery: Simple Assault and Battery, Aggravated Assault & Battery; A & B with a Deadly Weapon; Assault and Battery; Battery Assault with Intent to Kill;
  • Drug Crimes: Drug Possession of Class A, B, C, and D narcotics; Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute, Manufacturing Drug Possession in a School Zone.
  • Violent Crimes: Manslaughter; Rape; Aggravated Sexual Assault; Mayhem; Home Invasion; Murder; Arson; Aggravated Carjacking; Aggravated Armed Robbery;
  • DUI/OUI Crimes: First Offense OUI, Second Offense OUI, Third Offense OUI, OUI child endangerment; Vehicular Homicide.

Charged With a Misdemeanor, Felony, or Juvenile Crime? We can help you.

Whether you are being investigated, about to be arraigned or have already been arrested it’s important that you hire a Taunton criminal defense lawyer to insure your rights and interests are being represented. Our aggressive criminal defense lawyers are known in the legal community for vigorously defending client’s rights. Taunton criminal defense lawyer Gerald J. Noonan has tried many cases against the district attorney’s office and is in the unique position to anticipate their trial strategy. While an assistant district attorney, Gerald J. Noonan also had the opportunity to learn about police investigation tactics.

If you are under investigation, facing criminal charges, or have been formerly charged at an arraignment please call our defense team at The law Offices of Gerald J Noonan and schedule a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers.

Taunton District Court

The Taunton District Court processes all of these crimes. Four judges are usually sitting at the district court at any given time. These judges handle arraignments, pre-trail conferences, motion hearings and the actual criminal trials. Taunton District Court handles arrests that occur in the following cities:

  • Taunton
  • Easton
  • Raynham
  • Dighton
  • Rehoboth
  • Berkely
  • Seeknonk

About Taunton, MA

Known as the Silver City, Taunton is a city with a population of 56,000 located in Bristol County. Taunton is located forty miles south of Boston and less than twenty miles east of Providence, Rhode Island. The Taunton River weaves and winds its way through and about the entire city. This river helped turn Taunton, which itself means “Town of the River”, into a city rich with textile mills as the river served as a vital shipping route for inland textile products produced within and around the city. The early silversmithing industry is why Taunton came to be known as “The Silver City.” Taunton in fact produced all the Olympic medals that were handed out at the 1996 summer games held in California. The city’s metals industry also produced the anchor for the USS Constitution.

Taunton Crime Statistics

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Rate database Taunton has the following crimes in a given year: 2-6 Murders, 12-16 Rapes, 60-80 Robberies, 200-250 Assaults, 300-523 Burglaries, 500-800 Thefts, 5-10 Arsons, and 75-150 Auto Thefts.

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