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Assault and Battery

If you are  convicted of battery, an assault, assault and battery, or an indecent assault and battery on a person over age 14, or a child under age 14,  in Massachusetts you could face a maximum imprisonment of 2 1/2 years in a house of correction or a fine up to $1,000.  If you assaulted someone who had a restraining order against you, or, if this was not your first offense, you could be facing even stiffer criminal penalties.

An assault and battery conviction will remain on a public criminal record and can lead to job loss, difficulties in finding employment or educational opportunities.

The prosecutor will work hard to prove your guilt and in most cases, seek the maximum punishment possible.  For the best possible outcome, you need a criminal defense attorney who has experience in defending the accused in cases involving assault and battery charges; an attorney who will take  the time to investigate your case and prepare a strong defense in your favor.

Boston area defense attorney Gerald J. Noonan is a former assistant district attorney now putting his skill and experience to work as a criminal defense lawyer. Over the course of a thirty year career Attorney Noonan has gained extensive knowledge of the courts and is relentless when it comes to protecting the rights of his clients. As a criminal defense attorney alone, Gerald J. Noonan has successfully handled more than 340 criminal trials.

Massachusetts Assault and Battery Law

Massachusetts General Law 265 s13A breaks Assault and Battery into two categories:

  • Intentional Assault and Battery occurs when someone intentionally, and without justification, touches another person (regardless of how slight) in a harmful or offensive manner. The nature or the extent of the touching can infer intent. A touching that causes or is meant to cause bodily harm is a harmful touching while an offensive touching is any touching that offends someone’s sense of personal dignity or integrity. The everyday contact and touching that is apart of the world we live in, like bumping into someone in the line at the local coffee shop, is justifiable.
  • Reckless or Willful Assault and Battery requires knowing or intentionally disregarding an unreasonable risk, and when viewed prospectively, the risk must entail a high degree of probability that substantial harm will result. Someone acts willfully when they cause injury intentionally. If someone knew or should have known of the likelihood that substantial harm would result to another the conduct could be found to be reckless.

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