Assault and Battery on a Disabled Person

Massachusetts Criminal Penalties For Conviction On Charges Of Assault and Battery on a Disabled Person

Assault on a disabled person is a serious crime.Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13K defines the crime of assault and battery on a disabled person. A disabled person is anyone that has a permanent or long-lasting physical or mental impairment that prevents the individual from providing for his own care or protection.

Massachusetts prohibits three forms of assault and battery on an elderly or disabled person:

1) Simple assault and battery on a disabled person.  For information on this form of assault please visit our page on simple assault.

2) Assault and battery upon a disabled person causing bodily injury.  “Bodily injury” includes any of the following injuries: burns, bone fractures, trauma-related injuries to the organs including the skin. The maximum punishment for assault and battery upon an elderly or disabled person that causes bodily injury is incarceration in state prison up to three years.

3) Assault and battery on a disabled person that causes serious bodily injury.  “Serious bodily injury” is any injury that causes permanent failure of a bodily function, a risk of death or permanent disfigurement. The maximum punishment for assault and battery upon an elderly or disabled person that causes serious bodily injury is incarceration in state prison up to ten years.

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Assault and battery is a serious offense and the prosecutor will work hard to prove your guilt — especially when the alleged victim is a disabled person.  In most cases involving assault charges, the prosecutor will also seek the maximum punishment possible.  For the best possible outcome, you need a criminal defense attorney who has experience in cases involving assault and battery charges; an attorney who will take  the time to investigate your case and prepare a strong defense in your favor.

Any assault and battery conviction will remain on a public criminal record and can lead to job loss, difficulties in finding employment or educational opportunities.  Call our Brockton Assault and Battery Defense Lawyers to schedule a free no-obligation case review and consultation at (508) 584-6955 and you will have taken your first step to find out how best to confront this important matter. You can also click here to use our Free Case Evaluation Form.


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