Boston Union Worker Injury Lawyer

Trade Unions Will Often Provide Representation To A Worker, However It Is Wise To Hire Independent Legal Counsel.

Boston Union WorkerOrganized labor has helped to significantly improve the lives of many men and women by providing not just higher wages but also better benefits. Unions have also forced employers to make worksites safer for workers. Less advantageously, unions have become large, politically run organizations. As a result, when accidents occur in the workplace, unions frequently try to direct members to attorneys and law firms that are politically affiliated with the union, and these attorneys are often not able or not willing to focus on the needs of injured parties. The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan has experience helping injured union members who want the assistance of independent legal counsel that has their best interests in mind.

The Difference Between Non-Union and Union Workers

When non-union workers in Massachusetts are injured, there are both state and federal laws that are designed to protect their rights. When union workers are injured on the job, though, there are often protections that extend beyond basic worker’s rights. One of these rights is that while pursuing compensation for a work-related injuries, the trade union will often provide representation to the worker. A worker, however, can retain the services of independent legal counsel, which is a wise idea as union representatives usually have agendas and interests in mind which might not be harmonious with a worker’s pursuit of compensation.

Protection of Worker’s Rights After an Accident

Many union workers believe that their rights are automatically protected by the union after an accident occurs, but this is not always true. As a result, workers should make sure to obtain legal representation early on. Waiting to obtain representation only makes it more difficult for workers to obtain compensation.

Selecting the Best Legal Representation Possible

When selecting an attorney to represent you, it is important to obtain the assistance of legal counsel that understands the unique complexities that can arise in a particular field or trade. Our Union Injury Lawyers have represented injured union workers in many cases ranging from slip and fall accidents to equipment failures, and everything in between. Our workers compensation attorneys will remain committed to fighting for the results that you deserve. For example, many union workers are engaged in trade agreements between the union and employer. These agreements frequently include restrictions on a worker’s ability to pursue compensation. Our law firm will fight to make sure that you obtain everything that you are owed.

Speak with an Experienced Union Worker Injury Attorney

If you are a union worker who was injured while on the job, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney. After a free case evaluation, our legal counsel will begin to take steps to help you navigate a complicated process and make sure that your rights are protected and that you obtain the best possible results. Contact us today so that we can begin fighting for you.

Massachusetts Injury Trial Lawyers Equal Justice


We offer a free, no-obligation legal consultation to help you understand your rights and the value of your case.

Our worker’s injury lawyers assist clients throughout all of Massachusetts including, but not limited to, those in the following counties, cities and towns: Plymouth County, Brockton, Plymouth, Bridgewater, Marshfield, Hingham, Duxbury, Wareham, Abington, Rockland, Whitman, Hanson, Holbrook, Middleborough; Norfolk County including Quincy, Stoughton, Dedham, Weymouth, Braintree, Avon, Holbrook, Randolph, Canton, Sharon, Brookline, Franklin; Bristol County including New Bedford, Fall River, Taunton, Attleboro, Westport, Dartmouth, Mansfield, Easton, Raynham, Lakeville, Norton; Cape Cod, Hyannis, Falmouth, Barnstable and the Greater Boston area including Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Everett, Lawrence, Lynn, Revere, Dorchester, Roxbury.

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