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Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32K it is a felony to induce or force anyone under age of eighteen to distribute, dispense or possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. It is also a felony the induce or force a minor to accept, deliver or possess money used for buying, manufacturing, delivering, distributing or selling any such controlled substance. This crime was enacted to prevent the distribution of drugs but also to stop the victimization of underage children by adults who manipulate them for their own criminal needs. Prosecutors take these charges very seriously and apply a great amount of time, energy, and state resources toward getting a conviction.

Getting A Conviction

In order to secure a conviction for exploiting a minor to distribute controlled substances the prosecution doesn’t have to show that the defendant was aware of the fact that he was using a minor. All the prosecution has to show is that the defendant used a minor. The prosecutor doe not need not show that the minor was aware that he or she was being used to distribute drugs.

Criminal Penalties in Massachusetts For A Conviction For Using A Minor To Commit A Drug Crime

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C Section 32K requires the judge to come down hard on anyone convicted of exploiting a minor to distribute controlled substances. And charge for this crime will be pursed aggressively by the district attorney’s office. A conviction will result in imprisonment for minimum of 5 years in the state prison up to a maximum of 15 years. The judge could also order fine of up to $100,000 in addition to any jail sentence.

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