Defective Motor Vehicles

Why You Need an Attorney with a Proven Track Record in Pursuing Dangerous and Defective Product Liability Claims

Cars in trafficAuto defect and product liability cases are very difficult to pursue because they are complicated, time consuming and often involve multiple companies.   For example, a defective motor vehicle accident claim requires immediate investigation to determine if a defective part caused the accident. As time passes, evidence gets lost and the cause of the accident gets harder and harder to determine.

A timely investigation could also reveal evidence of inadequate repair and this could allow a negligence claim against a car dealership or repair shop.  Such was the case when attorney Brendan J. Noonan secured a $175,000 settlement for a client that was injured by a defective automobile sold by a used car dealership.

Auto Makers Don’t Always Put Consumer Safety First

The auto manufacturers that design and build cars and trucks have a responsibility to sell safe vehicles. Auto manufacturers like Ford, GM, Chevy, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda  are multi-national companies that generate billions in profit every year and each company spends billions of dollars on research and development in an attempt to update their fleet of cars and gain a competitive advantage on the competition.

Email Attorney Gerald NooonanMotor vehicle manufacturers develop enhanced features and new product applications during their vehicle research, development and testing. However, they also come across design defects that raise durability, reliability and safety concerns. While the safety of their customers and other people on the road should be a major concern, some manufactures have been known to put company profits ahead of safety.

In some cases an auto manufacturer could save more money keeping defective cars on the road rather that issuing a product recall. An automobile recall can cost a manufacturer billions of dollars. Sometimes they are willing to roll the dice hoping that an auto defect they discovered wont end up causing an accident. Other times they figure it would cost them less money to keep the defective auto on the road and pay the fines, injury settlements and consumer settlements then it would be to pay for a recall. Such was the case when, during the course of a lawsuit against one of the major manufacturers, a company memo was discovered that went into detail the cost concerns over fixing a defect.

Suing an Auto or Auto Parts Manufacturer

In order to bring an auto defect claim against a manufacturer you will need an attorney that is familiar with the auto manufacturing, designing and building process. An understanding of the automobile industry as a whole is also required. This knowledge is needed because cars and trucks are made of thousands of parts and not all the parts come from the same company.  There are motor vehicle part suppliers that build and design specific parts and then sell them to the large auto manufacturers. The auto manufacturers then add these purchased parts to their vehicles during the assembly process.

Each case is unique, but our attorneys can help you understand the value of your claim and who you may be able to pursue a claim against.

Types of Auto Defects

Auto design and manufacturing defects can cause serious personal injury. Our auto defect lawyers at the Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan have the resources, experience and the will to hold irresponsible motor vehicle manufacturers responsible for their negligence. Our firm handles all defective manufacturing or design claims, including, but not limited to:

  • Air bags that fail to deploy in a front-end crash or deploy unnecessarily
  • Seatbelt failure
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Vehicle Gas Tank Explosion
  • Seat backs that fail, causing loss of vehicle control and injury
  • Defective Tires

Experienced Boston Area Dangerous and Defective Cars and Auto Product Liability Attorneys

Initial Consultations Are Always Free – No Fee Unless We Recover For You

If you or your loved one suffered an injury or fatality in an accident then you need a strong legal advocate on your side who only has your best interest at heart.  Insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement only to have you, the victim sign away your rights to any future legal action.  In most cases, accepting an insurance settlement before talking with an attorney will result in you being offered less than you may be entitled to.  To get what the law entitles you to recover, before you accept an insurance settlement contact us to schedule a free legal consultation to talk with one of our injury lawyers.

We have a proven track record with over 35 years of legal experience.

The law entitles you to seek compensation to help you recover financial losses due to medical bills and lost income, or funeral expenses, as well as entitles you to seek compensation for any future medical expenses.  We treat all our clients with respect and compassion — there is never any pressure and you pay nothing unless we recover for you.

No matter where you are located, we are just a phone call away. Call our law offices today to schedule a free no-obligation case review and consultation at (508) 588-0422 or click the link below to use our Free Case Evaluation Form.

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Our automotive product liability claims lawyers assist accident victims throughout all of Southeast Massachusetts, including but not limited to Brockton, Taunton, Bridgewater, Easton, Norton, Randolph, Holbrock, Abington, Hingham, Quincy, Stoughton, Plymouth, Raynham, Mansfield, Avon, Canton, Marshfield, Attleboro, Braintree, Rockland, Hanover, Duxbury, Whitman, Hanson, Halifax, Middleborough, New Bedford, Fall River, Dorchester,  and all smaller cities and rural areas in Southern Massachusetts. We also serve the counties of Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol, Massachusetts.




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