Massachusetts Route 495 Highway Accident Attorneys

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Motor Vehicle Accident AttorneysInterstate highways are often filled with aggressive drivers weaving in and out of traffic, that tail gate, or travel at excessive speeds.  All of these things can lead to serious accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries or even death.

Our attorneys fight hard for accident victims — we will aggressively seek to get you a fair settlement offer, but prepare each case thoroughly in the event we need to go to trial.  Our law firm has the resources and trial law experience to get you the maximum compensation possible.

For a free legal consultation to learn more about your rights, the value of your case, and your options, contact our law offices today.  There is no obligation, and you pay us nothing unless we get you compensation in a settlement or verdict.

About Route 495

Route 495 is a busy Interstate Highway in Massachusetts. Up until 1996, I-495 was the longest Interstate Highway in the United States.  The highway stretches more than 120.74 miles from Cape Cope all the way up to the boarder of New Hampshire.  The Southeastern portion of I-495 passes through the following counties, town, cities and locations  (from south to north):

Plymouth County

  • Wareham

Exit 1:  I-195 (New Bedford, Providence, RI)

Exit 2:   Route 58 (Carver, Plymouth, Middleboro)

Exit 3:  MA Route 28 (Rock Village, South Middleboro)

Exit 4:  MA Route 105 (Middleboro Center, Lakeville)

Exit 5:  MA Route 18 (Bridgewater, Plymouth, Lakeville, New Bedford)

Exit 6:  US 44: (Taunton, Middleboro, Plymouth, Providence, RI)

  • Bridgewater

Exit 7:  Route 24 (Boston, Fall River)

Bristol County

  • Raynham

Exit 8: MA Route 138 (Stoughton, Taunton)

  • Taunton

Exit 9:  Bay Street (Taunton, Easton)

  • Norton

Exit 10: MA Route (Norton, East Mansfield, Easton)

  • Mansfield

Exit 11: Route 140 south (Norton)

Exit 12: Route 140 north (Mansfield)


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