Greater Boston Area Bar Injury

Nightclubs and bars are supposed to be places where people can gather and have a good time. However, the chances of a fight breaking out dramatically increase when you take a large group of people and add large amounts of liquor. Alcohol is a great social lubricate that eases anxiety and allows us to be more sociable. However, too much alcohol can impair judgment, thinking and understanding. Alcohol can take what in reality is a minor slight or misunderstanding and turn it into verbal confrontation that escalates into an assault & battery or massive brawl.

Failure to Hire and Staff Adequate Security Staff

Bar and nightclub owners have a duty to properly hire and train security personnel. Bar owners need to perform background checks on job applicants to ensure that the bouncers they hire do not have a criminal record or history of violence. Hot-headed nightclub security guards with histories of violence might take it as an opportunity to crack some heads when a fight between patrons breaks out or an overly intoxicated patron is giving staff a hard time.

Nightclub bouncers have been known to assault and injure patrons during the confusion and chaos that ensues when a brawl between intoxicated patrons breaks-out. Nightclub and bar doormen need to be adequately trained to use proper techniques when breaking up fights or removing rowdy patrons from the premises. Inadequate training and supervision often times results in nightclub doormen and bar bouncers using excessive force to removing drunk nonviolent patrons from the building. It is completely inappropriate for night club security to commit an assault and battery on a patron that has not raised their hands or made any violent gestures or threats. There are very few scenarios where a choke-hold or kick is justified.

Assault and Battery resulting from Negligent Security

Some parts of cities or towns are located in high crime areas. Owners of a Boston night club located in a high crime area must be aware of their surroundings. Any bar located in high crime area has a duty to ensure the safety of their patrons inside and outside the club. Nightclub and bar owners have a legal duty to take reasonable measures to ensure the property is free of dangerous or hazardous conditions. Bar owners and operators have an obligation to the implement security measures that are designed to prevent and discourage criminal activity. For example, the parking lot needs to have working lights that adequately illuminate the area at night time. Doing so will discourage criminal activity like assaults, robberies, sexual assaults and other crimes.

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  • $160,000 Bouncer Assault and Battery on Patron
  • $30,000 Boston Nightclub Security Guard Assaults Patron
  • $17,000 Nightclub Bouncer Assaulted Drunk Customer
  • $15,750 Boston Bouncer Removes Patron with Choke-hold
  • $13,500 Nightclub Doorman gives Patron a Black-eye
  • $10,000 Intoxicated Patron Assaults another Patron

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