Duties Of Property Owners And Premises Liability

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Cracks in sidewalks can lead to slip and fall accidents.Slip, falls and tripping accidents can result in severe and debilitating injuries — injuries that could lead to medical expenses, lost income, or, in more serious cases, serious spinal cord or traumatic brain injury requiring a lifetime of care.

Victims suffer all sorts of injuries from strains and sprains to fractures and concussions and even spinal cord or brain injuries in severe cases. Premises liability laws in Massachusetts hold negligent homeowners, business owners or cities and towns liable for injuries sustained from your slip and fall.

For decades the Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan has been helping clients throughout south eastern Massachusetts secure fair financial compensation for injuries by holding the negligent property owners responsible for the unsafe property conditions they expose the public to.

Duty to Maintain

The Owner/occupier of land owes all lawful visitors a duty of care. You may bring a premises liability claim against the owner or occupier of the property for damages, if, while lawfully on that owner/occupier’s property, you are injured as a result of some defect that was known or foreseeable.

A land owner must maintain his property in a reasonably safe condition and acting as a reasonably prudent person must consider the likelihood of injuries to others, the seriousness of the potential injury and the burden of avoiding the risk. The landowner isn’t required to provide a place of maximum safety. The premises must be safe enough for any person who generally exercises a reasonable amount of care. In situations where a tenant is injured as a result of a defect on a rental property an additional claim for breach of implied warranty of habitability can be brought. The implied warranty suit will be brought against the landlord and will seek money damages.

When you enter a commercial business establishment like a supermarket, convenient store, restaurant or department store you shouldn’t have to keep your head down and eyes out for spills or slippery floors wet with cleaning detergents. Property and business owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for every customer and guest invited onto the property. Business owners must take steps to insure the property is maintained in a safe condition and must adequately warn guests of any unsafe or hazardous conditions on the premises.

Duty to Warn

The owner or occupier of land has a duty to warn people coming on his land of any danger or defect on the property that he knows of or should know of and that is unlikely to be discovered by the visitor. The degree of care a landowner or occupier must exhibit is determined by the type of visitor that is likely to frequent the property. Young children are naturally irresponsible and a landowner must take this into account if school children are frequent visitors.

However if the defect is open and obvious the landowner might not be held liable. The landowner might be relieved of liability for failure to repair, or warn of an open and obvious defect because if it is assumed that a person exposed to the open and obvious defect on the premises has adequate warning given the obviousness of the situation. Because the visitor knows the situation, the landowner can assume the visitor will take the necessary steps to ensure their own safety.

Gerald J. Noonan is a Massachusetts Slip and fall Lawyer that has over 3o years of legal and trial experience. Over the course of these three decades attorney Noonan has helped countless slip and fall victims receive the financial compensation they deserve. A negligent property owner that exposes someone to such hazardous conditions should be the one that has to pay for the medical bills and pain and suffering endured because of his lack of care. Attorney Noonan firmly believes this and he will zealously pursue your interests.

Some Common Places Where Slip and Falls Occur

Why They Occur

  • Foreign substances on the floor
  • Wet, slippery, or sticky floors
  • Unnatural accumulation of snow/ice
  • Faulty lighting
  • Faulty railings or guardrails
  • Faulty stair case
  • A loose floor board
  • Pot holes and sink holes
  • Uneven sidewalks

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