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As we leave spring behind rising summer temperatures arrive bringing county fairs and carnivals that pop-up throughout Massachusetts and New England. They move-in over night and set-up dozens of rides, concession stands and game booths. Some will appear for a weekend and others will stay through the end of the summer or fall. All of them share many things in common: Bumper cars, Ferris wheels, roller coasters and cotton candy.

This traveling amusement park industry is a big industry with over 300 million people going on some 2 billion rides per year, most in the warm summer months. Fairs and Carnivals, unlike amusement parks that are permanent and remain at a fixed location (i.e Six Flags New England and Canobie Lake Park), do not have to undergo federal inspections.

Approximately seven percent of all traveling fairs and carnivals report accidents that occur on their rides. That means we do not know what the safety record is for roughly ninety-three percent of all mobile fairs and carnivals.

These traveling carnivals and fairs have a host of other issues that call into question their safety, aside from the absence of federal oversight. One of the biggest issues deals with the fact that these rides and games are constantly being transported from place to place throughout the year. That means they are being assembled and disassembled week in and week out. In addition to being constantly rebuilt, these rides have to be broken-down, packed up and transported from state to state over miles of highways and back-roads. These rides and games are under tremendous amounts of stress and strain. Bolts and screws loosen, electrical systems short, and structural frames bend and warp.

Transporting, taking down and rebuilding these rides is only one problem. Most of the employees that are taking down these rides and games are then setting them back up are low wage, seasonal laborers with little technical training. These employees also work long hours, the same goes for the employees that operate the rides. This stable of underpaid, under-trained, seasonal workers contributes to a culture that is lax on safety. This in-turn increases the risk of injury on unsuspecting fair-goers.


The least intimidating, these giant, cushy pillows of air are actually the most dangerous attraction on the scene. They are fashioned into many forms from the bouncy house and castle to large slides and obstacle courses. Head-first collisions with other children or the rough walls or getting thrown to the ground can lead to fractures and head injuries.

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Slip and Falls

Carnivals and fairs have heavy foot traffic. People are often jostling to get into lines ahead of the crowds while others are working their way from game booth to game booth. This congestion and jostling increases the risk of a fall accident. Often times food and drinks get knocked to the ground creating hazardous walking conditions. Rarely do you see anyone throwing their trash in a trash receptacle. Instead people are comfortable tossing their empty pop-corn container on the ground knowing that the carnival will tidy up after closing.

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Roller Coaster Accidents

While roller coasters are considered among the most popular rides they are also responsible for causing most of the catastrophic injuries. Roller coasters were responsible for sixteen amusement park deaths from 1985 to 2001. These rides are capable of generating tremendous g-forces which put the body under a lot of strain.

Ferris Wheels, Merry-Go-Rounds, Carousels

Just because a ride is not terrifying it does mean it is incapable of causing injuries. These rides account for upwards of 20% of all injuries.

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The Massachusetts personal injury, wrongful death, and accident trial lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan understand the stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty that follow a  accident at a fair and carnival. The injuries that result often have a life-altering impact on the day-to-day lives of both the victims and their families. Our group of dedicated plaintiff’s attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that the people responsible for your injuries are held accountable to the fullest extent possible under civil law.

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