You May Be Entitled to Compensation for a Serious Eye Injury Caused by an Accident

Eyes are one most delicate organs in the human body. They are very sensitive and susceptible to injury. Eye injuries can result by blunt trauma from a fist, car accident or motorcycle accident; Sharp trauma caused by a piece of glass or knife blade; or Chemical trauma in the form dangerous chemical gases produced by airbag explosions or harmful chemical substances found in everyday household cleaners.

Eye injuries can include any number of the bones surrounding the eye (Orbital bone, Sphenoid bone, Lacrimal bone, Zygomatic bone), the structures located at the back eye (retina or optical nerve), or the structures located at the front of the eye (eyelid, iris, cornea).

There are many types of eye trauma injuries. Some of the most common eye injuries include the following:

Some injuries might require immediate surgery to prevent loss of vision while other minor injuries require little medical intervention. What is troubling is that some serious eye injuries are not obvious at first. Delays in medical treatment can result in serious and irreversible damage. You should always air on the side of caution and see an ophthalmologists as soon as possible.

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