Apartment Building Accidents and Injuries

Apartment Accident Personal Injury LawyersApartment Complex Accidents: Who Can You Sue?

Apartment complex owners and property management companies have a duty to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition so that tenants, renters, and visitors are not exposed to unreasonable safety risks.

If you are injured inside an apartment building or somewhere on the property due to a defective or dangerous condition then you have a right to bring a claim for your injuries under a legal theory known as premises liability.

Apartment owners and property managers can be held responsible for serious injuries and fatal accidents that occur on their property if your attorney can prove they failed to properly maintain the premises or warn renters and guests of any dangerous conditions on the property.

Apartment owners do not have to provide a place of maximum safety, but they do have to take reasonable steps to ensure the property is properly maintained and free of any hazardous conditions that are capable of causing injuries. A negligent property owner that exposes a tenant or guest to a hazardous condition that results in avoidable injuries should be the one that has to pay for any medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering endured because of his lack of care.

Common Apartment Complex Accidents

Most apartment building accidents and injuries result for a lack of care and poor maintenance policies and procedures. The following are some types of apartment accidents our firm has worked on:

The list above of common apartment complex accidents is very discouraging because all the accidents listed above are preventable. Everyone should feel safe from unreasonable risks when they are at home. Apartment owners need to be held responsible when they violate their duty to protect their tenants and renters from avoidable injuries that only occur because of a landlord’s negligence and carelessness. Some of the accidents listed above can result in horrific life-altering injuries and death as is commonly the case in apartment complex fires.

Holding Apartment Complex Owners Responsible

Apartment building injury cases can be very complicated. Oftentimes there are multiple owners or a property management company that is responsible for a defect or a dangerous condition that caused an injury. Sometimes there is a homeowner association or a realty trust that may be held responsible — but one thing is for sure, the responsible party is not going to just standup and assume full responsibility.

Apartment Accident Claims Personal Injury Lawyers

Figuring out who is responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering is the first step. Documenting the claim and their negligence is next. Oftentimes our Massachusetts apartment building accident lawyers will hire private investigators to perform witness interviews and gather evidence. We also work with building code experts if we believe the apartment owners violated a building code and this led to you injury. Call our apartment complex accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

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