Gas Fireplace Explosions and Fires

Gas Fireplace Explosions and Fires

Residential Gas fireplaces provide Massachusetts residents the warmth, comfort, and feel of a real fireplace without the inconvenience or burden of fireplace maintenance and having to chop or buy fire wood. Although convenient, these home gas fireplaces pose significant risk of explosions and house fires if they are improperly installed or maintained. Gas Fireplace leaks can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, but can also result in explosions that can level an entire neighborhood block.

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Smoke Inhalation and Respiratory Failure

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death due to fires. It produces injury through several mechanisms, including heat (thermal) injury to the upper airway, irritation or chemical injury to the airways from soot, asphyxiation, and toxicity from carbon monoxide (CO) and other gases such as cyanide.(1) Common Types of Inhalation Injuries One of the scariest types of injuries to experience are inhalation injuries associated with a fire, that may contain more than one hundred known toxic substances. When inhaled, these toxic substances are felt by the body immediately. Your nasal passage and airways feel like dust is being breathed … Read more…

Smoke Alarm Lawsuits and Defective Smoke Detectors

Smoke Alarm Lawsuits and Defective Smoke Detectors

There is no doubt that smoke detectors save lives. Most residential fires start in the early morning or late at night while residents are asleep. The U.S. Fire Administration has determined that one out of every three fatal home fires occurs between 12:00AM/Midnight and 5:00AM. Negligent Landlords, Building Owners and Property Management Companies In Massachusetts in 2014, approximately 25% of residential fire victims had no working smoke alarms to warn them. In 11% of these fires, smoke alarms were installed but but failed to operate. Every second counts in a fire. Working smoke alarms can warn residents of a fire … Read more…

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Pedestrian Nighttime Accident

When a car, truck or motorcycle hits a pedestrian, the accident is almost always the fault of the driver of the vehicle. By law, pedestrians in Massachusetts practically always have the right of way regardless of the circumstances of the accident.

Jaywalking Pedestrian Accident Victim Attorney

Pedestrian Jaywalking Accident

A driver might be responsible for a pedestrian accident even if the pedestrian did not use an available crosswalk and crossed the street at a point between crosswalks. That is because a pedestrian has a right to travel anywhere on a highway or street and not merely on the crosswalk.

It should be noted that from the pedestrian’s point of view, a violation of the jaywalking statute (M.G.L. c. 90, § 18A) cannot be used as evidence in court to prove the pedestrian was negligent and therefore responsible for the accident.

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Runner Jogger Hit by Car

Joggers are pedestrians, and in Massachusetts, pedestrians almost always have the right of way and cars and trucks have a duty to yield the right of way to the pedestrian. Pedestrian joggers are among the most vulnerable people using the roads and sidewalks in and around Massachusetts.

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Failing to Yield to Pedestrian in a Crosswalk

Many pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts occur at or near designated crosswalks. A pedestrian crosswalk accident occurs every two hours in this country. In 2006 alone over 500 pedestrians died when they were struck by a vehicle while walking in a crosswalk. These crosswalks are located at every intersection and in between intersections on busy roads.

Summer Camp Drowning Accident

Summer Camp Drowning Accident

When a child is injured in a camp drowning accident, one of the most important things that needs to be done is to determine whether or not the camp failed to take precautions to prevent the drowning accident. Any camp that offers swimming activities at a beach, pond or lake must follow certain laws. These laws were written to protect children from preventable drowning accidents. The following section details some of the recreational swimming safety laws camps must following.

Beach Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Boston Public Beach Drowning

The DCR is responsible for hiring and supervising lifeguards during beach season. All lifeguards must be at least 18 years old. It’s the responsibility of the authorities, via the lifeguards on duty, to warn swimmers whenever there are dangerous conditions like “rip tides,” undertows or even (as rare as they are) shark sightings. While it may not be possible to recover damages from an ineffective or improperly trained lifeguard—who is often barely a teenager himself—you may have a case against that lifeguard’s employer if you are injured (or if a loved one drowns) while swimming along the shore.

Steel Iron Worker and Welding Accident Workers Comp Claims Lawyers

Ironworker Injured at Work

Iron workers face a serious risk of life altering injuries everyday. Burn injuries from welding accidents and catastrophic fall injuries are only a few of construction work accidents they face. Workers compensation benefits are available for ironworkers that are injured on the job.

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Injured Carpenters & Carpentry Accidents

If you or a loved one was was injured in a carpentry accident call our workers compensation attorneys today. Carpenters often sustained neck, back and knee injuries. These injuries can result in lost wages and permanent disability. Hand and finger amputation injuries caused by defective power tools, like saws are also a common occurrence.

Auto Mechanic Workers Comp Claims Attorney

Auto Mechanic Work Injuries

Auto Mechanics work in a dangerous environment. There are various daily risks that can seriously injury and even kill mechanics. In a large number of cases, parties other than the mechanic are responsible for the accident.

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Landscaping Work Injuries

Landscape workers face a variety of dangers including adverse weather conditions, equipment, machinery, and physical work that can result in accidents. In many situations, there are third parties that are liable for these accidents. To obtain fair workers compensation benefits it is often vital to obtain the assistance of a skilled work injury attorney.

Roofing Accidents and Injuries

Roofers face serious risk of on-the-job injury including ladder falls, roof falls and nail gun injuries. The roofing industry is so dangerous that according to Roofing Contractor Magazine, roofing contractors pay more for workers’ comp than nearly any other contractor.

Workers Comp Claims Attorneys for Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons

Healthcare Worker and Nursing Injuries

Healthcare workers provide perform important job functions and help provide much-needed assistance in home care institutions, hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Healthcare workers face a variety of risks that can result in serious and long lasting injuries.

Nurse Workers Comp Claims Lawyers

Nurse Injuries and Workers Comp Benefits Attorney

Many people fail to appreciate how much stress and strain a career in nursing puts on the body. Nurses typically spend their entire shift on their feet. Oftentimes nurses need to help patients in and out of bed, wheelchairs and the shower. Lifting patients and helping them re-position their bodies puts a tremendous toll on the neck and back. Most nurses develop chronic cervical and lumbar spines conditions over the course of their careers.

Delivery Truck Driver Accident Claims Attorneys

Delivery Driver Injury Lawyer

Common delivery trucks include food delivery trucks, furniture delivery, and postal delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Delivery drivers are always on the move and are forced to meet tight delivery deadlines. However, delivery drivers drive for a living and in many cases they are injured in an accident that is not their fault.

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Larynx Fracture

Laryngeal fractures can occur as the result of accidents involving direct trauma to the neck, most commonly as a result of car accidents. The injury can lead to an instant, serious airway obstruction that is life-threatening, thus all larynx fractures must be treated as serious emergencies. They can also be associated with open neck, esophageal, and intracranial injuries, as well as cervical spine fractures.

Kidney Trauma Renal Failure

Kidney Trauma/Renal Failure

Those suffering from renal injuries typically complain of abdominal or flank pain. It is critical that medical professionals undertake a urinalysis and, based on those results, further investigation undertaken. The use of CT scans has also contributed to the decreased reliance on surgical explorations of renal injuries. While the presence of urinary extravasation itself does not necessarily indicate that surgical exploration is necessary, it does confirm the presence of a major renal injury.

Diaphragm Trauma

Diaphragm Trauma

Diaphragmatic trauma typically results from penetrating or blunt trauma, where 80 to 90% of blunt diaphragmatic ruptures are due to car accidents. Lateral impact from a motor vehicle crash can sometimes distort the chest wall and cut the ipsilateral diaphragm. The incidence of diaphragmatic injury in blunt trauma increases in accordance with the occurrence of high-speed car accidents.