Rear-End Car Accidents

Passengers and drivers of rear-ended cars are especially susceptible to whiplash, a specific type of injury to the neck; other injuries (like ruptured discs or sprains) may not become apparent until days or weeks after the accident. Hitting your head on a steering wheel or dash board can cause concussions, skull and facial fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries. Although air bags are intended to reduce the risk of fatal injuries, they can get off in low speed crashes and cause their own injuries including facial lacerations, concussion, or head or neck injuries…

Wrongful Death Lawsuits for Fatal Dog Attacks

We understand that no amount of money can bring back your loved one. But we believe that it is important to hold negligent dog owners responsible for their actions. After a violent ending to a life, families often face tremendously difficulty in adjusting to “everyday” life again; especially if they witnessed the attack. Compensation can help provide the necessary funds to seek counseling, treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, and to help you afford to take the time you need to focus on the difficult healing process.

Negligent Security, Inadequate Security

Under Massachusetts law, property owners (and occupiers of land) have a responsibility known as Duty of Care. This means that they are required to maintain their properties in a safe manner, and it they do not, may be found liable for negligence if someone is injured, attacked, or killed on their property. They also have a Duty to Warn of known defects and dangers that could cause injury to someone.

Negligent security, which includes inadequate lighting, or lack of security in an area, can contribute to violent crimes. Property owners, especially in high-crime areas, must take measures to ensure the premises are safe and secure.

Land, property owners and maintenance companies are required to install and maintain adequate lighting, surveillance cameras, security gates, or other reasonable measures to deter criminals. Failure to meet certain standards creates liability for violent crimes committed on their premises.

Slip and Fall Accidents on Wet or Slippery Floors

Just because a visitor to a business establishment slips and falls on a wet and slippery floor it doesn’t mean that the injury was caused by a defect on the floor. However, there usually is a cause of action when wet condition of the floor was a result of cleaning and mopping activity performed defendant business owner’s employee. In these situations, the defendant knows of the condition on the floor and has a duty to warn the public visitors of the potential hazard.

Slip and Fall Accidents on Icy Parking Lot

Slip, falls and tripping accidents can result in severe and debilitating injuries, especially in the elderly. Victims suffer all sorts of injuries from strains and sprains to fractures and concussions and even spinal cord or brain injuries in severe cases. Wintery conditions alone may not be grounds for suing someone for a slip and fall accident, but when a property owner is found to be negligent, they can be held accountable…