Urologist Malpractice

Many urologists are capable of performing their jobs without harming patients, but sometimes these physicians commit malpractice. Urologists are particularly helpful in treating a variety of medical conditions that originate in the urinary tract. These medical professionals are also capable of performing surgeries to help treat cancer, male infertility, and … Read more…

Slip and Fall Accident at Cumberland Farms Convenience Store

The most common accidents that occur on Cumberland Farms property involve slip and falls either in the parking lot of inside the convenient store. Cumberland Farms operates a self-service coffee station where customers pour their own coffee. Often times customers are rushing in the morning or for some other reason end up accidentally spilling coffee on the floor near the coffee station. Sometimes these spills go unnoticed by the customers and employees which creates a serious slip and fall hazard.

Damages for Pedestrian Accidents Resulting in Broken Bones

Pedestrians always bear the brunt of the impact in accidents when they are struck by a car or truck. Unfortunately, in most cases injured pedestrians usually sustain significant and catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical treatment resulting in significant medical expenses. Oftentimes, injured pedestrians sustain life altering physical impairments that limit their ability to perform their job duties. This can result in a significant loss of income and earning capacity.

Pharmacy Errors – Medication Prescription Labeling Errors

Filling prescriptions is not as simple as putting pills in a bottle and handing them to a customer or patient. Pharmacists perform many duties that require an advanced understanding of how drugs and interact with each other, or be contraindicated in certain conditions, and may even offer limited medical advice. That is why pharmacists need an advanced degree and license in order to dispense medications. Still, pharmacies, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians commit labeling errors on a daily basis.

Pregnant Woman in Car Accident—Placental Abruption & Uterine Ruptures

A minor accident is capable of causing serious negative health effects for a pregnant mother and her unborn child. An impact or vehicle-to-vehicle collision is not even required in order to produce injuries as the force from sudden stops could be enough to cause harm to an unborn child. A pregnant mother does not even need to sustain a direct blow to her stomach in order to cause injury to her baby. High-risk pregnancies are at even greater risk of serious injuries resulting from vehicle related accident trauma.