Cherry Picker accidents

Bucket Truck and Cherry Picker Accidents

Massachusetts Cherry Picker Accidents Attorneys Some people refer to them as cherry pickers, while other people refer to them as boom trucks, basket cranes, or bucket trucks. Whatever you call it, this bucket truck is a unique piece of equipment that lets workers perform tasks at great heights that were previously much more difficult to accomplish. However, this equipment is also particularly dangerous. Some statistics suggest that up to 70% of all aerial fatalities are caused by bucket truck accidents. The following workers are most susceptible to sustaining a work injury in a cherry picker accident: construction workers, electricians, repair … Read more…

Floor Collapse Accidents

Floor Collapse Accidents

Boston Floor Collapse Accidents Attorneys Employers who decide to take cost-cutting measures can end up making decisions that greatly endanger the lives of their workers. Sometimes builders, general contractors, and employers will take cost cutting measures by using inferior quality material or by bypassing mandatory safety measures that are required by OSHA. Such actions can create hazardous working conditions or result in the construction of buildings that are not structurally sound. This cost-cutting can result in floors that are not properly supported and prone to collapse which can cause fatal injuries to workers or future tenants. If you are a … Read more…

OSHA Violation Lawyer

OSHA Violation Lawyer

Accidents and Injuries Involving OSHA Violations Created in 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was designed to protect the rights of workers by making sure that work environments are safe for workers. Enforcement of these OSHA safety regulations is overseen by OSHA, which is a government agency. OSHA performs worksite inspections and identifies safety violations and enforces safety regulations by issuing violating parties citations, fines and penalties for unsafe practices. When workers are harmed due to OSHA violations, skilled legal counsel might be necessary to document and prove that an employer, general contractor or sub-contractor failed to comply … Read more…

Utility Workers

Utility Workers

Experienced Utility Worker Accident Attorneys Utility workers provide services in many industries; they work for cable companies, heating and cooling (HVAC) companies, telephone companies, natural gas companies, electric companies, water departments, and a variety of other companies. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the utility industry has an injury rate of 2.4%. Attorney Gerald J Noonan has helped many injured workers obtain the compensation and results that they deserve. Accidents Utility Workers Utility workers are injured in a variety of ways while on the job, but some of the most common ways in which these workers … Read more…

Janitor Work Accident

Custodian Injuries – Janitor Work Accident

Experienced Massachusetts Custodian and Janitor Accident Attorneys Custodial workers play a critical but often under-acknowledged role in maintaining hotels, offices, shopping centers, and many other locations. These workers help to clean, disinfect, maintain, and repair the environments in which we spend our lives. Due to the nature of their work, many custodial workers face unusually high risks of illness and injury. The Bureau of labor Statistics even reports that individuals engaged in cleaning and janitorial professions face 50,000 injuries each year, which makes the profession the 16th most dangerous in the United States. If you are a custodial worker who … Read more…

Ceiling Injurys

Ceiling Collapse Accidents

Information about Ceiling Collapse Accidents Ceiling collapses can occur suddenly. This can result in serious and catastrophic injuries to unsuspecting workers or tenants. Ceiling collapse injuries are preventable. Often, before a collapse, ceilings become discolored and then bulge. One of the best ways for accident victims to respond in these situations is to quickly obtain the assistance of a skilled injury attorney who can help create a strong legal strategy to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Who is Responsible for Ceiling Collapse Accidents? The property owner, property manager and building contractor could be responsible for a … Read more…

Factory Lawyers

Factory Accidents

Boston Factory Accidents Lawyers A great number of people work inside factories. Some statistics suggest that approximately 11% of the workforce is employed in this environment. Factory workers play a critical role in creating household products, commercial products and a variety of chemicals and plastics that are used on a daily basis throughout the country. The equipment, as well as many of the products and chemicals used throughout the manufacturing process, can be particularly dangerous for workers if employers fail to adhere to safety procedures. If you or a loved one is a worker who has been injured on the … Read more…

Boston Union Worker

Boston Union Worker Injury Lawyer

Trade Unions Will Often Provide Representation To A Worker, However It Is Wise To Hire Independent Legal Counsel. Organized labor has helped to significantly improve the lives of many men and women by providing not just higher wages but also better benefits. Unions have also forced employers to make worksites safer for workers. Less advantageously, unions have become large, politically run organizations. As a result, when accidents occur in the workplace, unions frequently try to direct members to attorneys and law firms that are politically affiliated with the union, and these attorneys are often not able or not willing to … Read more…

Commercial Fishing Accident

Commercial Fishing Accident

Massachusetts Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyers Commercial fisherman and lobstermen face life-threatening conditions everyday they go to work. Long hours and strenuous activity greatly increase the risk of a commercial fishermen sustaining a serious work injury. If you or a loved one is harmed while employed as a commercial fisherman or commercial lobstermen, contact an experienced accident attorney that understands how these accidents occur and who will remain committed to making sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. The Responsibility of the Boat’s Owners The owners and operators of commercial fishing boats have a duty to make sure that … Read more…

Falls on Construction Sites

Falls on Construction Sites

Massachusetts Injuries from Falls on Construction Site Lawyers Statistics compiled by the Occupational Health Safety Administration reveal that falls are the most common cause of injuries on construction sites. While falls might not sound serious, these accidents can result in life-changing injuries and sometimes even fatalities. These accidents can occur in a moment and can leave workers facing injuries and other complications that last the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one was injured in slip and fall while on the job, it is often critical to obtain the assistance of a skilled accident attorney who will … Read more…

Demolition Accidents

Demolition Accidents

Massachusetts Demolition Accidents Lawyers Demolition is an important part of the construction industry, but it is also very dangerous. When demolition injuries occur, workers usually end up facing serious life-altering injuries. Employers and general contractors are responsible for ensuring that demolition work is performed in a safe work environment and that crews are using correct equipment and procedures. If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident, it makes sense to obtain the assistance of an experienced demolition accident attorney that has the will and resources to fight for the compensation that you and your family … Read more…

Conveyor Belt Injuries

Conveyor Belt Injuries

Experienced Conveyor Belt Accident Attorneys Manufacturers and warehouses everywhere rely on the use of conveyor belts, which introduced an unparalleled way of quickly transporting large number of goods throughout factories. Improperly constructed conveyor belts as well as belts that are not properly maintained or operated, however, can create a significant risk of work injuries. If you or a loved one is a worker who has been harmed in such a way, it is common to feel uncertain about how to proceed to obtain compensation for the resulting injuries. One of the best first steps to take in these situations is … Read more…

Plumbers injury Lawyer

Plumbers and Pipefitters

Plumbers Accident Injury Attorneys, Boston Massachusetts Plumbers are at risk of sustaining on-the-job injuries whether installing pipes in a newly constructed home or fixing water or sewerage systems in large commercial buildings. Water systems and piping course through almost every type of building which makes plumbers an essential part of the construction and maintenance phase of any building or home. Any trade or profession involved in the construction industry faces a higher risk of work injury than workers not involved with construction. Common Accidents involving Plumbers Plumbers are at risk of being involved in a variety of accidents. Most plumbing … Read more…

Work Accidents Involving Painters

Work Accidents Involving Painters

Painters face serious risk of on-the-job injury including ladder falls, and chemical exposure to harsh fumes. Painters work in some dangerous environments, including on scaffolding elevated high above the ground. Other painters work on ladders that are suspended high in the air. While these workers continually risk the dangers of falls from great heights, which can result in life-changing injuries and fatalities, painters also face several other risks while on the job that can result in serious complications including repetitive motion injuries and exposure to paints that contain hazardous chemicals. If you are a painter who has been injured on … Read more…

Trench Collapse Accidents

Trench Collapse Accidents

Trench Collapse Work Accidents Miles and miles of trench are dug throughout construction sites in the United States every year. The excavation and trench digging process is critical part of pouring foundations for buildings, burying underground cables/powerlines/utilities, and replacing or installing underground sewer/gas/water pipes. Trenching and forming trenches involves particular equipment and precision as most trenches are dug near water pipes, gas lines, utility and fiber-optic cables. The Dangerous Nature of Excavation Work Trench collapses and cave-ins are among the most life-threatening work hazards in the entire construction and excavation industry. Statistics compiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration … Read more…

Steel Iron Worker and Welding Accident Workers Comp Claims Lawyers

Ironworker Injured at Work

Iron workers face a serious risk of life altering injuries everyday. Burn injuries from welding accidents and catastrophic fall injuries are only a few of construction work accidents they face. Workers compensation benefits are available for ironworkers that are injured on the job.

Carpenter workmans comp claims attorneys

Injured Carpenters & Carpentry Accidents

If you or a loved one was was injured in a carpentry accident call our workers compensation attorneys today. Carpenters often sustained neck, back and knee injuries. These injuries can result in lost wages and permanent disability. Hand and finger amputation injuries caused by defective power tools, like saws are also a common occurrence.

Auto Mechanic Workers Comp Claims Attorney

Auto Mechanic Work Injuries

Auto Mechanics work in a dangerous environment. There are various daily risks that can seriously injury and even kill mechanics. In a large number of cases, parties other than the mechanic are responsible for the accident.

Landscape Tree Trimmer Accident Lawyer

Landscaping Work Injuries

Landscape workers face a variety of dangers including adverse weather conditions, equipment, machinery, and physical work that can result in accidents. In many situations, there are third parties that are liable for these accidents. To obtain fair workers compensation benefits it is often vital to obtain the assistance of a skilled work injury attorney.

Roofing Accidents and Injuries

Roofers face serious risk of on-the-job injury including ladder falls, roof falls and nail gun injuries. The roofing industry is so dangerous that according to Roofing Contractor Magazine, roofing contractors pay more for workers’ comp than nearly any other contractor.

Workers Comp Claims Attorneys for Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons

Healthcare Worker, CNA and Nursing Injuries

Healthcare workers provide perform important job functions and help provide much-needed assistance in home care institutions, hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Healthcare workers face a variety of risks that can result in serious and long lasting injuries.

Nurse Workers Comp Claims Lawyers

Nurse Injuries and Workers Comp Benefits Attorney

Many people fail to appreciate how much stress and strain a career in nursing puts on the body. Nurses typically spend their entire shift on their feet. Oftentimes nurses need to help patients in and out of bed, wheelchairs and the shower. Lifting patients and helping them re-position their bodies puts a tremendous toll on the neck and back. Most nurses develop chronic cervical and lumbar spines conditions over the course of their careers.

Delivery Truck Driver Accident Claims Attorneys

Delivery Driver Injury Lawyer

Common delivery trucks include food delivery trucks, furniture delivery, and postal delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Delivery drivers are always on the move and are forced to meet tight delivery deadlines. However, delivery drivers drive for a living and in many cases they are injured in an accident that is not their fault.

Electrician Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

Electrician Injured on the Job

Even experienced electricians who follow all safety precautions are at risk of being injured or killed due to a variety of job hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 28 percent of workplace fatalities involve direct contact with wiring or other types of electrical components.

Boston Warehouse Accident Victim Attorneys

Warehouse Worker Injury

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) there more than 145,000 warehouse workers working in 7,000 warehouse across the United States and the risks of an injury occurring on the job for these individuals are higher than the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each year there are over a dozen fatalities in the warehouse industry and an average of 5.5 warehouse workplace injuries for every 100 full-time warehouse workers.

Worker Accident Claims Lawyers for Punch Press Accidents

Punch Press Accidents and Injuries

Punch presses are machines that shear, form and punch holes in a variety of materials. The significant danger associated with these machines deals with the amount of pressure they generate in order to punch through materials. Most punch press injuries are the result of defective designs or defective manufacturing, failing to properly inspect before using, failing to properly maintain the press, failing to properly train employees, user error, failing to add proper warning labels.

Accident Injuires from Falling Objects, Tools and Faulty Scaffolding

Falling Object Work Injury

Falling objects can result in many types of injuries including traumatic brain damage, broken bones, internal organ damage, spinal injuries, and vision or hearing loss. There are some types of objects at construction sites that are more likely to fall than others.