Coordination of Benefits: The Relationship Between PIP, MedPay, MassHealth, Medicaid, Medicare and ERISA Health Plans

Understanding your rights and insurance coverage benefits is not always easy and oftentimes, insurance companies make pursuing your rights harder than it has to be. The information below explains how different types of medical insurance coverage benefits that accident victims in Massachusetts may be entitled to receive.

How does PIP, MedPay and Health Insurance work?

PIP will automatically cover the first $2,000 in medical expenses and any medical expenses in excess of that amount will be submitted to your private health insurance to determine if medical coverage exists. If your insurance provider denies payment for a claim then you must submit that claim to the motor vehicle insurer that provided the PIP coverage. Since Massachusetts statute mandates that claimants utilize existing health insurance for medical expenses exceeding the $ 2,000 limit on an automobile insurer’s PIP liability, the PIP carrier will deny a claim that was denied by the private insurance for failure to comply with the health insurance policy.

Liquor Liability Laws In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Liquor Liability or Dram Shop Laws don’t just apply to situations involving drunk driving accidents. Dram Shop establishments (any business that serves alcohol) may also be held liable if they over-serve a patron and that patron commits an assault and battery or other violent crime on another patron. In these situations recovery can be sought against both the intoxicated person that caused the injuries and the business establishment that over-served the intoxicated person.

Car Accident FAQs: Who will pay for my car repairs?

Who pays for repairing the damage to your car after a car accident depends on whether or not your auto policy contains collision coverage. At The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys we will coordinate with all the insurance carriers to ensure that your automobile is repaired properly. If another drive caused your accident we will make sure that driver’s insurance pays for all your vehicle repairs. That means no out-of-pocket-cost and you won’t have to pay any insurance deductibles. The car repair process in the wake of an accident can be confusing and often leads accident victims to pay money for repairs that others should be flipping the bill for. At The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan we will take over this process for you. This will allow you to focus on more important issues.

PIP Insurance Claims FAQS: Am I entitled to be compensated for lost wages?

If you need money to pay for your mortgage, rent, car payments or other essentials and you don’t have the funds available because a car accident has prevented you from working then call our Massachusetts car accident and personal injury law firm today. We will take on your case and process all your Massachusetts PIP paperwork. We don’t charge a fee to do this as it is a service we provide along with handling your Massachusetts car accident suit.

Can I get damages for pain and suffering in a car accident settlement?

Determining how much compensation you are entitled to once you meet the pain and suffering tort threshold is another matter. Several factors such as the force of the collision and the corresponding vehicle damage, the total amount of medical bills and medical treatment, the amount of worked missed and earnings lost, and whether there is any permanent or short-term disability are all factors that are considered in determining the value of your case.

Car Accident FAQS: What should I do after I have been in a car accident?

If you are finding it difficult dealing with the insurance companies, or your injuries are more serious than you originally believed then we invite you to contact our experienced Massachusetts car accident law firm. We will discuss the details of your case and explain all your legal options. We offer a free no-obligation consultation and don’t charge for our services unless we are able to get compensation for your damages. We have offices conveniently located in Brockton, Quincy and Taunton.

If you are in a car accident, there are some things you are required by law to do, and other things that you can do to help support your case should you need to file an accident claim or a lawsuit. Here are smart steps to take if you have been in car accident to protect your rights to compensation.

PIP Insurance Claims FAQs: Who will pay my medical bills?

If you are injured in a car accident in Massachusetts the Personal Injury Protection statute (PIP) under Massachusetts General Law 90, § 34 determines how your medical bills will be paid. Every Massachusetts automobile insurance policy has a provision for Personal Injury Protection benefits. Generally you are entitled to PIP coverage from the automobile insurance policy that was covering the automobile you were in at the time of the accident. So even if you were a passenger in a car that you didn’t own at the time of the accident and you have your own insurance policy, the policy of the car you where in at the time of accident will handle your PIP benefits.