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Compared to other states, an unusually large number of car accidents in Massachusetts involve only a single vehicle. A fair proportion of these accidents can be traced to the causes you’d expect—inebriated or inexperienced drivers, distractions while driving (like lighting up a cigarette or talking on a cell phone), swerving to avoid another car, or speeding. But not all single car accidents are the fault of a driver, but are instead, are caused by unsafe or dangerous road conditions.

The fact is that the state of Massachusetts and its municipalities have a responsibility to provide, and maintain, safe driving conditions on the state’s roads and highways. This includes installing stop signs and traffic lights in the proper locations, clearing away trees or foliage that obscure traffic signs or create blind spots, not allowing trucks to park in locations that can interfere with a driver’s line of sight, and, of course, promptly plowing roads and fixing potholes.

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If you believe that your single-car accident has been caused, or exacerbated, by an improperly maintained road or highway, The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan can help you sue the state of Massachusetts or the local municipality for damages. Even in cases involving driver error or distraction, it may be possible to prove that your car accident would have been minor or inconsequential if not for the hazardous conditions in which you were compelled to drive.

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