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Every year millions of people board buses across the nation. Every person that steps onto a bus entrusts the driver of that bus with his or her safety. The possibility of a bus accident is usually the last thing that crosses the mind of a passenger before they board themselves or a child on a bus. Unfortunately bus accidents are an all too common occurrence. Each year motor vehicle operators, pedestrians and people on bicycles are involved in collisions with buses. Injuries can arise from bus accidents involving:

Injuries resulting from bus accidents are often serious, whether the victim is a passenger on a bus, or is struck by a bus while driving a car, riding a bicycle, or crossing the street. The sheer size and weight of a bus usually results in high impact collisions with the bus displacing anything it comes in contact with.

Children on school buses and passengers on MBTA or city transit buses often don’t have the benefit of seat-belts to protect them from being thrown around the interior of the bus or ejected through the front or side windows in the event of a bus accident. This is mainly because federal law doesn’t require seat-belt safety type restraints in most multi-passenger vehicles.

Who should bear the responsibility for a bus accident?

The answer to this question is very fact specific and depends heavily on what type of bus is involved. For answers to questions regarding specific types of bus accidents please click on the above links that most resembles the type of bus accident you or a loved one was involved in.

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The Massachusetts personal injury, wrongful death, and accident trial lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan understand the stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty that follow a bus accident. The injuries that result from a bus accident often have a life-altering impact on the day-to-day lives of both the victims and their families. Our group of dedicated plaintiff’s attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that the people responsible for your injuries are held accountable to the fullest extent possible under civil law.

For over thirty years our personal injury lawyers have been achieving favorable settlements on behalf of Massachusetts residents injured in commercial vehicle and public transit accidents. We have law offices conveniently located in Taunton, Quincy and Brockton. Take the first step to help yourself by calling our accident attorneys today for your free legal consultation. You can rest assured that when you contact our law offices we will take the time to listen to your story and if you have a case, we will spend the necessary time and resources to get you the compensation you deserve.