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Accidents involving multiple vehicles often make the nightly news because they can shut down roads and highways causing traffic backups, but they also often become “breaking news” stories because they can result in horrific and catastrophic injuries to multiple drivers and passengers.  These multi-vehicle pile-up accidents can lead to confusion among victims and even insurance companies as to who was at fault and who should be held accountable.

Over the course of thirty years our accident attorneys have represented many victims injured in pile-up accidents.

There Are Many Causes Of Highway Pile-Ups

Accidents involving more than two vehicles are very dangerous, typically causing injuries and significant property damage to the vehicles involves. Multi-vehicle accidents are more likely to happen on highways and interstates that have high speed limits and many cars, trucks, and motorcyclist traveling at the same time.

These accidents often occur at night, in bad weather or other situations where visibility is low. In these low visibility conditions, drivers traveling behind cars get too close to the vehicle ahead of them and aren’t able to come to a stop in time when the car in front slows down or brakes. When the lead car in a convoy all of a sudden brakes it can result in a chain reaction collision involving many vehicles.

Because vehicles involved in pile-up accidents are often hit several times over the course of the accident, victims of multi-car collisions are usually left with serious injuries.  Additional injuries can also occur when a driver or passenger leaves their vehicle uninjured only to be struck by another vehicle.

The number of vehicles and victims involved in pile-up accidents can overwhelm police, EMTS and fire rescue personnel. The chaos that follows one of these accidents makes it difficult to establish the cause of the accident. In most cases more than one person is responsible for causing the accident. This can make bringing a claim for injuries and vehicle damage very difficult. If you, a friend or family member has been injured in a pile-up accident in Massachusetts then you may find yourself dealing with several automobile insurance companies. Our attorneys are here to help you sort out these insurance and liability issues.

Multi-vehicle crashes are serious and can result death and serious injury. Dealing with an insurance company and insurance claim in the aftermath of one of these accidents can be nerve-racking. If you don’t know what all your options are and what you entitled to then you won’t be in position to maximize your insurance claim.