Scalding Burns Can be Extremely Painful and Serious

Today, burns and scalds are a major cause of serious injury for young children. These burns can require hospitalization and can involve years of treatments and even permanent disfigurement, depending upon their severity. In addition, depending upon the severity and location of the burn, they can also, in the worst circumstances, lead to death.

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Causes of Child Tap Water Accidents

Child tap water burns most frequently occur when a child is taking a bath. Because these burns can cover large areas of the child’s body, they can be especially dangerous, and can result from a caretaker’s negligence or intentional abuse. A defective water heater or a water heater that is improperly installed or maintained might also be a cause of child tap water burn injuries. These incidents can result in first, second, or third-degree burns; redness of the skin, pain, blistering, swelling, and sometimes even infection.

Basic steps should always be taken to ensure that children are protected from tap water burns. Caretakers should always test the water before exposing the child to it to make sure it isn’t above approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit (or lukewarm).

Hot Water Heater Product Liability Claim and Claim against Maintenance/Repair or Installation Company

Children not only suffer from tap water burns when an adult places them in the bathtub, these incidents can also occur when a child comes in direct contact with a bathroom or kitchen sink faucet. For this reason, hot water heaters in homes or businesses should not go beyond a certain temperature. This can be achieved by adjusting the hot water heater and relevant thermostats. You might have a claim against the manufacturer of defective water heater. You might have a claim against an installation company company if the water heater was installed or a maintenance company if it was repaired improperly.

Liability and Litigation

Every child caretaker has a duty to ensure that they take reasonable steps to ensure that children are safe and not exposed to dangerous conditions such as exposure to tap water that is too hot. This not only applies to professionals who work in childcare facilities, but anyone who is supervising your child. Whether the child was injured by someone else or themselves, their injuries could be the result of the negligent or intentional acts of someone who failed to supervise them.

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