Button Batteries Can Be Fatal to Children When Ingested

During the initial stages of life, young children are naturally curious, and will often place any objects that are within reach in their mouths. Children learn and develop through sensorimotor play when they discover and play with objects. They engage all five senses by grasping, tasting, chewing, sucking, reaching, handling, shacking, looking and smelling objects. A child having tasted something enjoyable might reach for an object of similar size, shape or color hoping it will produce the same enjoyable taste. During this early stage children must be protected from dangerous products, objects, or items that present the risk of choking like button batteries.

Batteries can be a serious choking and/or poison hazard. According to Kids Safe Worldwide, in 2013, poison control centers reported close to 2,800 cases of children ages 19 and under swallowing button batteries, and three children under the age of six dying as a result of swallowing batteries.

Button Batteries

Button batteries pose a very specific hazard to children. They are involved in over 80 percent of all battery-related emergency room visits—but what are they? These batteries are single-cell batteries shaped as cylinders and used in watches, cardiac pacemakers, pocket calculators, and hearing aids. In just a few minutes, ingesting a button battery can do irreparable damage to a child, most often to the esophagus. If it gets stuck in a child’s throat, the saliva can trigger an electrical current which actually leads to a chemical reaction and a burning of the esophagus. In fact, these batteries are such a serious issue that the number of severe injuries and deaths they have caused has increased more than nine-fold, just in the last decade.

Avoid Negligence

Anyone who works in a child caretaker position or who is otherwise in the position of supervising young children in other contexts (for example, at a birthday party) has to take special precautions to ensure that children do not swallow batteries. This includes ensuring that they aren’t available in any low lying areas, such as on the floor, as well as lurking in staffers’ or others’ pockets, and making sure that adults not only provide careful supervision of young children in these circumstances, but that they also know CPR in case it is necessary.

Products Liability

When parents purchase products like batteries, they assume that they are safe to be used as intended. If they are defective, product liability law allows individuals to bring a claim to recover compensation as a result of any harm.

If your child was injured or killed in choking on a battery there is a chance that the incident was the result of a defective product, a missing warning label, or the negligence of a caregiver. You have the right to hold whomever is responsible for what happened. Our child injury attorneys can help; for decades, The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan have been helping families obtain justice as a result of these incidents. We are experienced in handling child injury claims, and we are prepared to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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