It is a parent’s worst nightmare. A child is dropped off at a day care, school, neighbor’s house or relatives home and then their parent receives a phone call several hours later. 800,000 children are taken to the emergency room every year in the United States due to accidental poisoning. Sadly, 30 of those 800,000 children die every year. Poison control centers receive 24 million calls every year which shows just how common the issue is.

Most parents would do anything for their children. Their child’s safety is the most important thing to them and they will take every possible measure to keep their children out of harms way. However, parents can not spend every moment of everyday with their children. Often times parents have to entrust the safety of their children to a caregiver.

Common Child Poison Dangers

The majority of child poison accidents involve household products that are found in every household across the United States. People are so used to having these products around their homes and businesses that they stop seeing them as a potential danger to children. The most child poisoning incidents involve the following:

  • Lead Poisoning
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Bleach and Household Cleaner
  • Paint, Varnish and Paint Thinner
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Fertilizer and Pesticides
  • Mercury Poisoning
  • Rat and Mouse Poison
  • Nail Polish Remover

Caregiver Negligence

Most parents assume that the caregiver they entrust with their child’s safety and wellbeing will properly care for their child. Unfortunately, accidents happen when negligent child caregivers fail to properly supervise children. Although this negligence can not be undone, a grieving parent may be able to the hold the negligent party responsible.

A negligence action can be brought against any person or business that has a duty to exercise reasonable care. Children lack maturity and therefore can not be expected to fully comprehend all the hazards that surround them. As a result, children can not be responsible for their injuries. When the business or person entrusted with a child’s care (babysitter, relative, grandparent, day care, child care, school) fails to properly supervise and care for a child and that failure results in a child’s injury they can be held liable for the child’s injuries.

Any person, facility or business that has been entrusted with the child’s care and safety may be found responsible for not taking measures to prevent child accidents. If your child suffered a fatality or injury because of a careless or negligent caregiver then you may be able to seek compensation for the injuries that could have easily been avoided if proper care and attention had been exercised.

Wrongful Death and Child Accidental Poisoning Injury Attorneys

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