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Furniture was designed with the convenience of the adult user and ease of use in mind and not child safety. There are no mandatory tip over safety guidelines when it comes to dressers, chests and other clothing storage units. Instead, furniture manufacturers have been provided a set of voluntary or advisable stability standards. The current standard, which is not required, advises that all dressers be designed and constructed so that they do not tip-over when every drawer is open and when a 50 pound weight is placed at the front of one drawer. This test is used to simulate a 5 year old child climbing onto the dresser. However, most companies completely ignore these safety guidelines.

This was the case with the IKEA MALM Dresser that was blamed for 3 child deaths and 17 injuries. These dresser tip-over injuries lead IKEA to recall 29 million chests/dressers. An independent study of the IKEA MALM Dresser showed that it failed the voluntary stability standard described above.

The dresser toppled over when a 50 pound weight was placed on one fully extended drawer. Not only that, an empty MALM dresser tipped-over when all the dresser drawers where fully extended at the same time even without placing a 50 pound weight on one of the drawers. This is troubling seeing how children are known to pull out dresser draws in order to climb up to the top of dressers. They usually do this to grab an item placed on the top of the dresser like a toy or they do this simply to climb up a structure.

Who Can be Held Responsible for Dresser and other Furniture Tip-Over Accidents?

The Manufacturer, Designer and Seller of the Dresser

There are times when a piece of furniture or dresser tips over because it was defectively designed or manufactured. This is the case with IKEA’s MALM Dresser. In this case IKEA could have increased the dresser’s stability by designing a dresser with a more stable base. Manufacturers like IKEA could also provide anchors that can be used to attach the dresser to the wall. By providing anchors that allow customers to anchor furniture to walls manufacturers, sellers and designers could dramatically reduce the risk of child dresser tip over accidents.

Hotels, Motels, Rental Properties, Apartments or any other place of public accommodation

Businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment for their customers and clientèle. These businesses and places of public accommodation could be responsible for injuries and damages caused by dangerous or defective items and conditions on their property.

Caregiver, Day Care Center, Child Care Center, Camp etc.

The dangers of Furniture, Dresser and Television Tip Over Accidents should be known to every caregiver that is entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of a child. Not knowing of these dangers and not taking steps to prevent children from being exposed to such dangers would be negligent. Caregivers can be held liable for child injuries and damages that are caused by their negligence.

Another Homeowner

If the furniture tip over accident occurred in someone’s home then the homeowners insurance policy that covers the home may provide coverage for the accident. Going after the homeowners insurance policy of a neighbor or a relative is not the same thing as going after the neighbor or relative personally. People have homeowners insurance for situations like this. You should not feel guilty bringing an injury claim against someone’s homeowners insurance policy.

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In 2015, Ikea recalled 29 million dressers they posed tipping hazards after three toddlers died in tip-over accidents involving Ikea dressers.In 2015, Ikea recalled 29 million dressers they posed tipping hazards after three toddlers died in tip-over accidents involving Ikea dressers.

In 2015, Ikea recalled 29 million dressers they posed tipping hazards after three toddlers died in tip-over accidents involving Ikea dressers.

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