The Worst Kind of Violation of Trust

Child sexual abuse and molestation is the worst kind of violation of trust – especially if it occurs at a place that is supposed to care for the child and keep him or her safe, such as a daycare facility. This scenario is at the top of any parents’ worst nightmare list. Sadly, sexual abuse or molestation occurs far too often and is perpetrated by day care center employees, teachers, and aides who are put in a position of trust. It is important to know that the fault or blame does not rest with the parents, even if signs or symptoms of abuse or molestation go undetected. It is the daycare facility’s fault. While a thorough investigation of a daycare is necessary when selecting where to leave a child, the risks of abuse cannot be completely eliminated.

Some Telltale Signs

Child sexual abuse is exposing a minor to anything sexual in nature. This includes inappropriate touching – whether it’s the adult touching the child or the child being made to touch the adult – sexual intercourse, showing the child material that is pornographic in nature, or exposing genitals or masturbating in front of the minor. It is true that sometimes it is difficult to identify the signs of sexual abuse. Below are some telltale signs that daycare sexual abuse has occurred:

  • Acting seductively;
  • Playing in a sexually seductive manner;
  • Excessive sexual curiosity;
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections;
  • Pain, itching and/or burning of the genitals;
  • Sudden separation anxiety;
  • Sudden nightmares or bed wetting;
  • Newfound problems with confidence and self-esteem; and
  • A newly developed aversion to a close contact, particularly with a certain person.

Just as important is to teach your child at a very young age about his or her private areas and that no secrets should be kept about someone who is touching them. Surprisingly, this lesson about these very important issues is taught by less than 30 percent of parents.

Legal Liability in Day Care Sexual Abuse

Day care sexual abuse cases can be complicated, posing unique challenges to the families of victims – known as the plaintiffs – seeking justice from our court system. Generally, day care sexual abuse cases involve multiple victims and may also include the use of threats to prevent disclosure of the abuse. Even if threats are not present in the case, young children who attend day care are either reluctant to talk about what happened because of guilt, shame or fear. Often times these children do not understand that what happened was wrong. A day care can be held liable on a number of negligence theories, depending on the facts of the case.

Was Your Child Sexually Molested at Day Care?

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